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In Topic: DP G4 v FX

15 August 2011 - 02:18 PM

LOTSA DP HATERS.... but im a Lover ;).... ive shot a lot of higher end markers...ive owned some and ive just shot some.... the FX is deffinately up there with the best of them but has a reasonably better price tag..

ne ways.... board : g4 offers tournament grade functions / FXAWESOME oled board...one of the nicest ive seen...
SAME: feednecks both no rise clamping.... same asa flip asa.....
Regs: Im not sure what kinda of efficiency the g4 gets but i like the reg of the g4 better than the fx as far as micro line arrangment.... it comes out the bottom at a ninety degree angle the fx comes out the side..
Trigs : g4 has an 4 way adjustable break away the FX has a scythe and blade trigger on it and is 4 point adjustable.... although they r break away designs which i do not like the fx is very easy to walk and is so adjustable u can tweek it to fit ur feel fairly easy.....

internals : g4 is a dump valve.... the fx is a poppet which i like a lot... ive always liked these ever since my first impulse classis years ago...

Im a FX fan.. ppl like to bash dp... my xprnce hasn't been bad with them at all....i think the FX is a marker that out performs other in it class... has better features.... and can contend with high end guns no problem....

ps dont get an axe or etek....... if u are going to get one id say axe over etek but the fx wont disappoint t u

In Topic: Etek 3 Lt vs. Fusion FX

15 August 2011 - 02:01 PM

all these fx bashers....keep bashin away.... ill sit here with my fx and save money... and shoot just as nice as any other marker.... 100 dollar gun my ass.....that bitch shoots ropes....

i wouldnt shoot an etek or an axe over the Fx ... ur crazy... u musta been shootin an old rusty fx to be bashen like that

In Topic: Empire Axe vs DP fx

15 August 2011 - 09:31 AM

what we heard and what happens is 2 diff things....i havent replaced mine yet and ive used it for about 60 cases ... mikes vid on the fx is very thorough... i also said one of the most efficient :) i just know for the money the fx has a ton of features and has served me very well.....

In Topic: Empire Axe vs DP fx

15 August 2011 - 09:29 AM

nice review...i agree with the working properly part...mines never given me a minutes trouble....i am meticulous about my markers being maintained tho...

strictly speaking as axe vs fx
i would take the axe. Several pro teams use the axe so that alone should hold some weight. I dont mean to sound like someone who blindly follows marketing but that alone should count for something; its not like there are proteams using fx's.. One issue ive noticed with dp guns (from my experience of working in a proshop) is that there is an issue with quality control. Dont get me wrong, im not saying that axes are the greatest guns ever, there are still a bunch issues with them; and the fx's have some cooler and better features on them (lcd screen, the trigger is much better imo etc) but if your gun doesnt work properly then whats the point of having it. I would say that if know of a good fx that works perfectly, get it, but otherwise, for the sake of having a gun that you can rely on functioning properly then you should perhaps get the axe.

In Topic: Empire Axe vs DP fx

15 August 2011 - 09:23 AM

wow listen to these FX haters.... MY FX HANGS IN THERE WITH EGOS AND ITS 700 CHEAPER easy maintenance ... .reliable... great trigger..... great board..... nice milling... pop it... almost the most effecient marker on the planet if not the most efficient 68/4500 = 1250+ balls a fill... 500 bucks and can be compared to 1000 dollar class guns.... u say what u want... i know u dont know shit bc ur talken trash on the best ASA ON THE MARKET .... wow... u need to play against my fx ...wont say much then ....

NE WAYS buy the fx kid... most bang for your buck...amazing gun... ull never need another one unless u go on a pro tourny tour ... and even then all that wouuld be better is a new victory or ego 11