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In Topic: Obviously new to Paintball :D

30 May 2011 - 04:39 AM

I just got a new job, And I haven't been informed on my average wages as of yet seeing as I only got it yesterday, But from what I've heard, Shipping won't be the problem, The licenses/Permits I'll need will be

In Topic: Obviously new to Paintball :D

29 May 2011 - 11:40 AM

Well it seems, I need about 3 different permits and forms to get a marker, or equipment into australia, Even then it may still be turned down and destroy depending on the look, So no Milsims for me.

In Topic: Obviously new to Paintball :D

29 May 2011 - 11:29 AM

Alrighty, I've done some quick research, and this is what I've found
You may purchase your own pump action, or semi auto paintball marker (as of 25/09/2004).
To own a paintball marker you must apply for a permit to own a paintball gun from the firearms registry.
You must then apply for a permit to purchase the gun.
You must also abide by all NSW firearms requirements in regards to storage of the marker.
So now I have to find out how to get there permits.

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29 May 2011 - 11:26 AM

Guys, I live in the middle of no where, And I've been told itd be better for me to import gear, What are the Weapons laws for markers?

In Topic: Obviously new to Paintball :D

29 May 2011 - 11:08 AM

Thanks for all the help guys, If I find some gear I can afford I'll run it by this post, All I need to find out now is the laws on importing markers, and tanks