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Obviously new to Paintball :D

29 May 2011 - 08:32 AM

Hey guys, Obviously I'm Brand new to Paintball and I have a stack of questions
First off, I live in Australia, I'm not sure on the rules and laws of owning markers and such, Any help on where i can find them would be muchly appreciated.
What type of gear should I get, I don't exactly have a large income as I'm only 16, So tips on what can I buy that is quality but also Cheap, Would help, All round gear that is, Markers, Tanks, Hoppers, etc etc.
I'm going paint balling in a couple of weeks time, And I don't own my own gear yet so I have to use the fields, I was just wondering how much in the way of paintballs should I buy?
And any other information I can use would also be very much Appreciate.