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16 May 2015 - 08:16 PM


I have not even touched an etek 5, so take my advice with a grain of salt but yes, the etek 5 appears to be a great marker. The etek line has been arguably the most reliable gun line ever, and planet is a great company to get backed up by. The etek 5 appears to be a good gun, but from previous experience in older eteks, they are not the quietest/smoothest markers out there


...and here is where your advice falls short. even without touching one, if you've looked at the videos posted on them you would know the etek 5 is a different animal than previous eteks and egos. the shot quality has been compared to the lv1, and rightfully so. the tigger feels "loose", with it having just the return magnet instead of the magnet and spring. it works fine though. very comtorble in the hands as there is no lpr in the way.


as to the op, frankly you can get anything these days and it will be just fine. axe / mini gs are solid choices, the etek 5 is very nice if you can swing it. i've heard good things about the jt impulse oled as well.


Also thinking about the drone 2, any of you have any suggestions?