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Favorite thing about your gun?

21 December 2011 - 11:33 AM

What's your favorite thing about your gun?!

I love how my DM is super smooth and the ergonomics are incredibly amazing and consistent and quite, and somewhat efficient.

What about you?
Love the sleek Design on your luxe?
The efficiency on your Marq/Victory?

Share what you love about your gun

Inline Poppets

07 December 2011 - 07:08 AM

I've always wondered, the Marq, victory, and axe are all Very Efficient, and Very Smooth, but what do you give up with an Inline?
With a spool, you give up efficiency, but the DM12 has that
With a poppet, you give up Smoothness, quietness,
But what do you give up with an inline

The Perfect Gun

02 December 2011 - 08:30 PM

What would THE perfect gun be for you?
To answer this, simply take pieces of guns that you like and form it together, for example.
I'd like A Dm12 with the Trigger of an Ego 11, with the efficiency of an SLP'd Victory, the smoothness of a Luxe 2.0 and the Board of a Clone VX,

What Mask do you Use?

02 December 2011 - 02:00 PM

Title sais it all. What mask do you use/rely on?
I use Dye I3's because there do comfortable and the lenses are great and they keep your head cold,
What about you?

"Put Your Mask Back On!"

01 December 2011 - 09:16 PM

Have you ever Gone to play paintball and as your playing, waiting to play; or just watching a game, and all of a sudden a renter takes off their mask during a game. Everyone around you starts yelling at that one person and they all go "Hey! Put Your Mask Back On!" Ever happened at your field? Something I noticed is that most newcomers or rentals don't take the whole Eye safety rule AT ALL.
It seems as if sometimes they think it's just a paintball and it's okay, your not gonna die. Which I think is kind of a problem with new players in the sport, they haven't quite realized how important it is to have your mask on at all times. Any thoughts on this?