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In Topic: Dangerous Power E1

21 November 2012 - 08:19 PM

I mostly play Rec ball and Scenerio games these days.

Actually last used the E1 at the Alein Agresshion 2 game in august witch was last time i played (been out of comission since september due to injury incurred by an old lady and her car). Its a good gun has no issues using it in the woods.

One thing i forgot to say bout the E1 is i love how compact it is. Even more so than my automags.
(here is a size comparison though now that mag is slightly different)
Posted Image

The size was something I noticed also, and I think that I would like it a lot. I like the style and feel of the invert mini, but I honestly don't really need that much gun, since I don't play tournaments, so I think this should compare to that style, that the mini offers. I mostly play woodsball and recball also.

In Topic: Dangerous Power E1

21 November 2012 - 08:05 PM

theres a blackheart option for the envy that will give it eyes. I think that the E1 is not a very smooth spool and the board is really meh. The fact that it only comes with semi and full auto makes it so that you cant play any tournaments with ramp in them. Many tournaments have ramp and if youre not ramping back youre going to be at a disadvantage. The proto rail at this price point is my personal favorie. It has eyes, its smooth, its inexpensive, it has a good feel, its easy to maintain, great shooter out of the box and comes with technlogy thats included in the 1200 dollar dye guns

I've actually been trying to find a used rail, sooooooo, whichever comes first is what I'll get.

In Topic: Dangerous Power E1

21 November 2012 - 07:48 PM

I actually own one i think this is a GREAT $200 shooter. Its a very SOLID feeling gun all aluminum construction the barrel threads are also Cocker threaded witch is a huge benifit in my mind it is pretty much its as close to a market standard barrel as they come. It also has EYEs unlike the lower end GOG offerings its often compared too. In my opinion the only down fall for MY USE was the factory feed neck but with a cheap $30 clamping feed neck its been a great gun too me. The only other thing people ever complain about is that the board is only un-capped Semi or 25bps Full auto. For me this is a moot point as i will only shoot Semi as I trully think rampping is hurtting this sport and do not wish to partake. In fact the simplicity of the board was a big reason i opted for the E1 in the first place.

I dont tend to use mine too much any more as i prefer to shoot less paint and the E1 really has a great trigger and allowes my to sling paint a bit too easily. I also much prefer the feel of my Automags for pure fun in shooting as i began in this sport in 98 the hayday of mechs and automags. But i keep the E1 around for when i trully feel out guned or when i lending a freind a gun.

What do you normally play? Woodsball? Recball? I know you don't use it for tournament play... Also I really enjoy the fact that it has eye's. I hadn't even thought of the others not having them, or atleast the envy, I forget if the blitz has them or not.

In Topic: Dangerous Power E1

21 November 2012 - 04:52 PM

Tehe the wall of text is absolutely find xD, And I've looked at all three guns you've mention and they are exactly what they are a $200 dollar gun. Dp is now doing a sale where the E1 comes with a clamping neck for free. I mainly play woodsball and recball, so I dont want a woodsball gun. Personally I think they are dumb, except for Etha EMC, thats pretty tight!!! I like the specs on the Envy however, i'm not a fan of composite (just a preference). Oh and BTW welcome to the TechPB community :)

In Topic: Cheap PM8 F/S

21 November 2012 - 01:09 AM

Nice Marker Man...