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Ego 05 solenoid broken

26 December 2011 - 07:34 PM

Ok you guys Proably read or saw my other post about my ego 05 Solenoid leak and some of you guys said it may be a gasket. well i have a pic of the solenoid. I found out the solenoid is like trying to seprate in two halves and i found only one solenoid clip is supporting it. are they suppose to be 2 solenoid clips or 1? The leak is kind of big and when i try to hold on the solenoid together it still leaks a little bit though. And if i do need a solenoid can this solenoid work since i cant find any other 05 Solenoids http://www.airsoldie...9:WP_000007.jpg] thanks

Ego 05 leaking from solenoid

20 December 2011 - 08:29 PM

I got a used ego 05 from a friend of mine that wanted my mini. He did told me there was a leak but he thought it was from the bolt. i look into it and found out its from the solenoid! not the bolt. the solenoid does look kind of dirty. Can it be worn o-rings or what else can it be? i will also will like help on how to remove the solenoid from the 05. and should i also get it serviced or is it easy to do it my self? Thanks!