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Well they're all together. Might as well take a pic.

28 August 2013 - 07:18 PM

Here's some pictures of all the markers I've owned, minus a spyder compact that is somewhere around here. Unlike other players, I have been unable to sell any over the years. So all of these are in one place. Enjoy the pics, my nasty garage carpet and the shadow of my phone/head. Any questions/corrections, fire away! And no, the EM-1 does not have a battery cover.

Order of acquisition: (spyder compact) Eclipse Angel LED, EM-1, System-X veng. 1.0 / '02 WGP Black magic (both weer bought so close together, I cant remember), '98 WGP cocker.....Long paintball hiatus...Evil Minion, Trilogy competition, Invert Mini gen.2, TiPX


All together now!



I just noticed how uninteresting my phone closeups are. If you want one specific one, i can post it. No real need to clutter this with crappy pics.