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GEO 2, DM 10 & SL8R F/S/T

04 September 2012 - 09:20 PM

Marker: GEO 2

Condition: 8.5/ 10 small nicks on the body and barrel, does not affect performance

Color: Black/Red

Upgrades: None

Known problems: None

Price: 700 OBO

Shipping: I pay standard shipping with tracking. Anything else, you pay.

Trades: Luxe 2.0, rotors/tanks + cash, Egos. I will look at any trades so offer up!

Location: Alberta, Canada

Included: Gun and barrel. Does NOT come with a case.

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Marker: Dm10

Condition: 8.5/ 10 small scrapes and normal wear from use. Performs perfectly.

Color: Black/Grey

Upgrades: None

Known Problems: None

Price: Not quite sure what these go for now so 600$ but we can talk.

Shipping: Ill pay for standard with/ tracking

Trades:Luxe 2.0, rotors/tanks + cash, Egos. I will look at any trades so offer up!

Included: Gun, Barrel, Case and small oring kit

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Marker: Planet Eclipse SL8R

Condition: 9/10 shoots flawlessly, has some wear and small scratches

Color: gun metal and pewter

Upgrades: None

Problems: Small leak when the macro- fitting is on the right. Easy fix, push it to the left and you`ll never have a problem with it.

Price: 650$ OBO

Shipping: same as the last two

Trades: Luxe 2.0, rotors/tanks + cash, Egos. I will look at any trades so offer up!

Included: gun, barrel kit with 14 AND 16 inch tip and 3 backs, case, planet eclipse oil, orings and allen keys

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Letting your team down

15 January 2012 - 02:36 PM

I played my first game of minor hockey week ( I'm a goalie) and everything was going well until the 3rd period when we scored our second goal. This goal put us ahead 2-1 and the oher team started getting dirty.

Their defense takes a shot from the point which I swallow but then their center skates up and starts slashing at my arms. So whistle goes my defense pushes the guy but he is still hacking at people so I grab his mask with my glove and shove him down then skate away. Everyone skates away, he gets up, goes to his bench.

Game goes on they take more cheap shots at us but then in the last 30 seconds they start getting really bad.
Our winger skates to the half wall and blocks a shot but as he's skating away the other player two hands him to the calf, he drops hurt. Gets taken off the ice.

Then final twelve seconds still 2-1 face-offs on my right and to tie up and run off time when the puck drops my center leans into the guy and sits on the puck. Now my center is a pretty small guy and easily 5-6 inches shorter than theirs. Anyways they tie up then our winger skates in and dumps the puck.

Now I'm watching the play so I don't see that their center is till lying on top of ours but then buzzer goes game over we won and all I see is my center rolling on the ice holding his side.
What had happened was their player butt ended him as he stood up (my player has a possible fractured rib) but I didn't see this. I am one of the larger players and due to the average size of my team being 5- 5'5 I protect the smaller guys when I can. Now I feel bad because I didn't skate over and take this kid out and I let my own player get hurt. Oh and this is the same player from the other team that I face washed and knocked over.

Our guy gets taken off the ice and we shake hands but going through the hand shaking line the player who injured our guy tries to start a fight with our coach. A player from my team steps in and the other team takes their guy away ( no punches thrown). But as I get to their coach I stop and say "you should try teaching your team how to play the game and while you're at it learn some class" so he gets all mad everyone gets together but finally after that's done me and my team captain talk to the ref. no penalty was called on them butt ending our player so we talk to the ref ( who already hates me for telling him off when he said I can't cover the puck if they're not within ten feet) but that ends in us skating away saying maybe next time you'll actualy watch the game.

So all in all both our coaches got gross misconducts for "fighting their players" which is complete shit and never happened and two of our top players got injured.

Cp asa leak

16 December 2011 - 05:28 PM

I have a cp on/off Asa and when I air it up it leaks from the little air hole behind the on/off knob.
I can't figure out how to take it apart or what's causing the leak.

Phantom problem

10 December 2011 - 02:07 AM

So Ive asked this exact question before and everyone answered it's the cup seal, well that didn't fix it so...
My vsc phantom leaks out of the quick changer when I put a co2 cartridge in, but if I unscrew all that stuff and put a tank straight into it, it still leaks.
I have no idea what any of these parts are, or if I even took the cup seal out. I would greatly appreciate pictures and videos of it.
If anyone has one, could I also get a video on how to put it back together? I can't figure it out

Planet eclipse Etha vs........

03 December 2011 - 02:26 AM

Are people stupid now a days? I mean really, how many threads have there been saying um which one should I get , the Etha or ..........
I mean honestly people the gun just came out!!!!!!!!
It is stated in every thread that we have to wait before we can make a legit comparison but no everyone wants us to guess and tell them everything about a gun we've never used. It is not that hard to understand
THE GUN JUST CAME OUT!!!!! WE CAN'T REVIEW IT!!!!!! So everyone needs to stop asked for a comparison about it