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11 June 2011 - 12:14 PM

same^^ hiatt's and alternative sport in blountville. dont really know of any other fields around here

Players Club Paintball is in Knoxville right of I-75 north
125 Dante rd. 37918

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11 June 2011 - 12:11 PM

With reviews as averaged according to this topic.
With field labels
With prices

click the link below the picture for the up-to-date map
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Link for Google Maps Paintball Fields in TN
Please post a field name, location, website, fields available at site, cost of field fee and paint, and your overall review out of 10.
Field : Middle Tennessee Paintball
Location: 30 minutes south of Nashville
Address: 4215 Kedron Rd. Spring Hill, TN 37174
Website: www.middletennesseepaintball.com
Fields: 1 Xball, 1 airball, 1 hyperball, 3 woods
Price: $20 field fee with all day air, $50 case of paint
Review : 8.5/10

Thanks and keep the info coming, ill update accordingly

Players Club Paintball
125 Dante rd. knoxville TN 37918
2 fields 1speedball 1 tactical
all day co2 and field fee $15.00 nitrogen 20.00 all day
paint starts at 40.00 up to 55.00