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12g co2 output inquiry

03 November 2011 - 10:45 PM

Hey guys, been a while since I posted, just letting you know I'm still alive lol…

Anyway, I'm working on a mod for my 98c but I have an issue regarding air source…. I've got a plan to use a T8.1 mag as the base of the magazine to hold the FS rounds designed for the sniper rifle, and also to have the air source in the mag to eliminate the need for a tank… the problem is, sure one 12g can fire about 22 shots or so out of a 6 inch barrel, but how many rounds could I fire out of a 20 inch barrel with one 12g cartridge? The longer barrel would need much more air, but it would be kind of a pain to have to switch every mag's air source out and reload the ammo too… but I don't want to use the cable line either… and just FYI it's a SVD Dragunov kit so you guys know what I'm doing with this… so an air thru stock is pretty much out of the question. as the stock is wood and is attached to the pistol grip, not the back of the gun. And them mag is pretty much right where the air line would be.

Any thoughts or advice on this before I start the body and all that?

The stock I'm just going to make out of some wood and varnish it. Hope to god it holds for a while… might layer it in some fiberglass coating or something. The shroud I might just buy a 98 AK47 shroud and replace the "wood" with real wood and make it longer, since the metal rod and front sight are needed anyway. As for the barrel, I'm planning to pick up a FLASC barrel, 20 inch. Also, another issue I'm running into is the body itself. It's similar to an SKS or AK, are there any body kits for the 98c that replace the receivers of the gun itself to make it have that AK look? Plus. the side mounted scope raiser is a pain in the a** to locate. The cheapest one I found was in the states for $60 bucks… and thats's not even with shipping or customs.

Let me know what you guys think.



Bullpup WA2000 98c mod?

17 September 2011 - 09:22 PM

Hey guys I know I tend to jump from idea to idea (a lot of stuff going on) but is there a way to make a bullpup weapon? the 98c is the base marker i have, and I want to make the WA2000 snipers rifle. My plan was to utilize a similar idea from my original L96A1 magazine system, but the mags are loaded in the stock, BEHIND the trigger system. Is there a way to make the 98c have its trigger past the breach? There would be more than sufficient room in the stock to house the bolt, slide, etc, my trouble lies in the design of the trigger system. Any ideas?


MilSig Air Thru Stock questions

27 August 2011 - 07:24 PM

Hey guys, just a question, I just picked up a MilSig K series Elite, and I wanted to use the HPA air thru stock… I picked up the gun used, so it came with a 88gram CO2 tank air through stock and a collapsable combat style stock (picture included) thing is, milsig is super pricey, and their air through stock is $125 bucks plus shipping (im in canada so no customs) but i've already placed an order with them on Wednesday, but won't get it until the 30th, and I've got a game on the 4th. I LOVE the look of the combat stock, but I was wondering if it was possible to swap it onto the air thru system? My concern is what size the 13ci 3000psi hpa tank is…. is it the same size as a 88 gram co2 tank? If so, it has a spent tank that i can use to make the system work, but I'm not sure as I do not have a 13ci tank, nor do I know who has one. Can anyone help me with this? The tank is $100 bucks alone, but to purchase a THIRD stock is just ridiculous and I like the other one better.

Thanks guys and I appreciate the help.


11 August 2011 - 06:05 PM

Hey guys,

I've moved away from the Intervention idea (WAY TOO MANY PARTS TO MACHINE AND NOT ENOUGH TIME) so I kept asking myself what bolt action sniper rifle could i make that is distinctive enough as not to be mistaken for a simple bolt action hunting rifle mod or something. So, I decided to make the L96AW!


Using the internals of an ION (the tube containing the firing mechanism) create a bolt action sniper rifle.


Build a custom, all aluminum body (excluding firing system)
Mount the Ion's firing tube on top of body, slightly recessed into the frame.
Link the bolt of the Ion to a rifle-type bolt for bolt action effect (actually performs, not just aesthetic)

i want to have a small tank (9oz or 12oz?) built into the stock, hidden from view, with only the refill nipple exposed so I can refill the tank.
I'd like to make this magazine fed, as to use FIRST STRIKE ROUNDS.
In an effort to keep the marker looking clean, I'd also like to hide the macro line from sight as well.

Essentially I want to build this to be an independent use marker, no remote coils, no tank on my back, no loud pods and hopper giving my position away as I move about the field.

My last question lies with the barrel. I am fully aware barrels over 16 inches do not make the marker fire more accurately, but for aesthetics, I'm not putting a 14 inch barrel on a sniper rifle when the bolt is so far back on the gun. So, what barrel would be best? Some reviews say FREAK barrels are really great; I already own a FREAK back barrel, so I'd just need a good front. Any suggestions? Lemme know. Thanks.

Team Captain,
Shadow Core Paintball

98 Custom Intervention Mods

14 July 2011 - 09:22 PM

Hey guys, I'm working on some mods to make my old 98 custom pro into the Cheytac Intervention sniper rifle.

Currently, I've machined the shroud, I just need to bore the hole in the end caps for the barrel and then drill and tap the holes for the set screws from the shroud and end cap to stay secure.
I'm working on making the stock, which will be machined from a block of 6061 aluminum, and I will have to machine a cheek rest to fit the stock body, plus the slide brackets.

My issues are making the bolt system work, and the magazines.

So here's my plan. Obviously, the Cheytac Intervention is bolt-action. I would dearly love to replicate that as closely as possible with the 98. This marker will also be designed to fire First Strike rounds, in fact, it'd be preferable to use ONLY First Strike rounds in this marker. I've got black Delrin plastic I'm going to use to make the magazines, which will be straight stack, like a TPX or T8 magazine. The killer there is I have no idea to make the mags work. My dad owns a machine shop but i'm not particularly tech savvy so I have little to no idea what I'm really doing, least of all with programming, which is something that will be critical to this mod. So, I'll start with the magazines.


I've set aside enough plastic for 4 magazines. (standard load-out for a sniper don't you think? :P) I've got some RAP4 magazines I'm not using (they have some small defects so I've left them aside) and I can cut the springs down and use them inside these new magazines. My problems are these:

1) How can I secure the spring system to the bottom of the magazine (remember it's straight stack for FS rounds) if the mags will be cut in half so they can be machined?
2) How can I make the spring stay locked down when I load the ammunition in, but release when loaded into the rifle body?
3) How do I keep the ammunition from popping out? It needs some kind of ball detent to keep them in the magazine but it'll also have to be pushed back so the rounds will load properly.

I'd like to keep this as simple as I can, as I don't have a lot of experience with this, and personally I hate asking the other guys at the shop for help because of my own lack of knowledge and training (again parents own the shop, i'm working there to help out with some work)

For this part, basically my idea is to machine a whole new body for this mod, flip the back bolt (the block that has the charging pin) to the right side instead of the left, but that would only cause a pull-back-and-shoot-then-repeat effect... A true bolt should have some kind of locking section to keep the bolt in place when fired right? Pull the bolt UP, then BACK, pushes the bolt back, round slides in, push bolt FORWARD, lock in place, fire, repeat... or something like that... just had a thought for when the bolt is pulled back for a "bullet" shield to retract and reveal the round loaded in the chamber and then when the bolt returns to be locked down before firing the shield would slide back forward to cover the chamber and block the air from escaping? Is there a way to do this?

Alright, in a sense this is connected to the Bolt assembly but the internals would have to be machined out for the firing slide. Now, the real Intervention's magazine is stationed directly in front of the trigger, looking at a picture of it right now, the trigger guard extends forward to act as the walls to guide the magazine. However, in the 98 the chamber is farther up than what it would be in the real intervention... any one have any ideas to remedy this? I would like to make this as close to replica as i can, and the gas line would be just behind the mag (i've made the mags fairly wide so it doesnt matter)

So, can anyone give me a hand with this project? Tomorrow I'm finishing the shroud (holes) and i'm hoping to machine the stock. Please let me know ASAP as I would like to finish this project relatively quickly so I don't pester the other guys about this stuff longer than necessary. Thanks guys.

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