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Dye DM5, Invert Mini, Proto PM6?

30 June 2011 - 09:35 AM

A friend of mine is looking to get a new gun, and on craigslist there's a guy selling a Dye DM5 for 125, Invert Mini for 200, and a Proto PM6 for 250. I'm personally leaning towards the Dye DM5 because from what I know it's a great gun, and my friend wants to get a fiber tank as well. What do you think he should go with?

SkittlesBT's Feedback

25 June 2011 - 12:34 PM

Post my feedback here!

WTB: SmartParts Ion

14 June 2011 - 07:41 PM

Looking for just an Ion or Ion XE for $85 shipped. Must be in working condition, can be upgraded or stock.

Will pay via PayPal. If you wanna calculate shipping its to ZIP code 53132.

Is this worth it?

13 June 2011 - 10:24 AM

Hello all! I'm thinking about getting into paintball, and was wondering if this was a good deal to get. I'm not sure if you're allowed to post links to craigslist here, so here's the description:

--ad start--

So I decided it's time to sell my paintball stuff due to moving next month. Here's a list of what I'm selling, I prefer not to separate the gun, tank, and hopper unless the price is right. The gun: Smart Parts Ion ($160 new)

Carolina Blue body ($60 new, I still have original too),

14" SP Freak/All-American two piece barrel($90 new),

TechT L7 lightweight bolt($70 new),

SP EQV valve($30 new),

CP trigger($15 new).

Details: this gun has honestly never chopped a ball on me even with the stock 17 bps ramping on. It has the SP Epiphany setup on it so it runs at really low pressure(110-120 psi). It's small, quite, and very accurate with the barrel setup. Together $425, I'm asking $200.

Accessories: Tank: DXS 68/4500 low pressure tank and NXe cover. $180+20, I'm asking $100

Hopper: Evolution 3 with Board upgrade. $60 new, I'm asking $40

Mad Dog two level hard case. $45 new, I'm asking $25

Proto Axis Pro(blue) mask with visor and bag. $80 new, I'm asking $50 Sorry this is so long...

NXe wrap around 5 pod harness+pods. $60+20 new, I'm asking $30.

Extras: A spare cheap semi-auto VL gun+2 co2 tanks (20/9 oz) $110 new, free with gun package. Plus some other random stuff/parts. Ok, the Ion, tank, and loader prices are firm BUT I will sell Gun, Tank, Loader, and case all together for $275... So like $70 off. Now, I will sell everything listed all together in a package for $340. I can text or email pics upon request. Just let me know what you want to see. You can email respond or text me @ two62 442 267zero. Thanks ahead of time!

--ad end--

I'm personally interested in just the gun, tank, hopper, and pod pack, however I don't have much of a paintball background (I've only played a game of woodsball with a rental Spyder Xtra, didn't like paintball, but recently borrowed a friends GoG eXTCy, which is the Ion XE to play speedball and loved it.)

What's a reasonable price to offer him for the gun, tank, hopper and pod pack?