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Stock Class Equipment Questions

21 June 2011 - 02:54 PM

Well I'm going to be ordering a stock class phantom soon, and I wanted to know a couple things:

  • How many rounds would you say you shoot in about 6 hours?
  • Are there major differences in the 10 round tubes? If so, which are the best? or, which are just horrible?
  • Do the PBmafia packs hold the tubes snug? I'm just thinking that without a bottom, like pod packs, they might slide out if you move a lot.
  • Are there any major differences in the 12g C02s? If so, which are the best? or which are just horrible?
  • 12g CO2 cartridges get about 30 shots each on average right?
  • Are there any tactical advantages to having back air vs vertical air? Like a quicker reload or something else very significant.
  • Finally, gold or silver phantom? haha


Empire E'vents

16 June 2011 - 03:50 PM

Hey, well this weekend I thought my mask cracked when I was putting in a new visor, but I emailed a representative at Empire and he said the mask is designed this way. Could someone else with E'vents tell me if you have these two loose sections on your frame? I just thought it was a really weird design, so I wanted to make sure.
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