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13 June 2011 - 02:51 PM

All I can do is say i'm not pleased with Total Chaos Paintball, and that I will NEVER play there now. The owner contacted me about buying some markers from me at a very low price (I had offered spyders at $25 each (including a Bob Long Millennium), rebuilt and working, plus 3 other STBB for 2 cases of paint). After I spent 2 days (about 16 hours) rebuilding and testing the markers he wanted, he THEN says he doesn't want them at the agreed price and tried to lowball me further. This totally ruined my plans for the weekend of paintball play.

I don't care if he was able to screw somebody out of a couple of markers at ridiculous prices. You agree to a deal, you follow through unless there is a damn good reason. If you want 7 markers that cheap ($100 and 2 cases of paint), then buying 2 (not rebuilt) should not be a good reason.

For this reason, Total Chaos Paintball is on my blacklist, and I am recommending to all my friends the same. As I put on 2 Scenario games a year, I have ALOT of people that will get to hear this. Bad move, Total Chaos. You lost a great deal on guns, and an entire possible customer pool.