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In Topic: What Do You Think about your choice of Scenario clothing

16 June 2011 - 10:33 AM

Camo was designed for real warfare - where guns can shoot 300+ yards. Most engagements in paintball are inside 150'. That means that at those ranges your brain is WAY better at seeing movement and silhouette than at the longer ranges where color and pattern matter more.

I wear dark colors. As simple as that. Keep yourself from silhouetting against sunlight, stay to the shadows and dark solid colors are just as effective as camo.

Here's the real deal - scenario games are often long. Wear something comfortable. ghilli guy in 95 degrees is going to pass out. full cammo plus tac gear guy is going to dehydrate. Loose fitting breathable guy is going to be pretty comfortable.

Wear stuff you can run in all day and the benefits will far outweigh the slight advantage that camo gives you when laying face down in poison ivy. :)

Yes, also note that poison ivy is not an ideal ghillie material.

I have to agree with them even wearing bright colors you can disappear with ease depending on how you move in the enviroment your in. Some of the best where I play wear plain black and greans and blues, even one guy mix and matches his camo blue bdu pants and desert camo top and I bet you cant see him. Also remember people see what they want to see not whats really there.

In Topic: Canadian flag on US Woodland BDU? Do people care?

13 June 2011 - 05:35 PM

Wow dude seriously? Hey I can't say your right or wrong if thats how you feel than thats how you feel but you gotta remember if you live in canada you live in canada but most of us live in the good ol US of A and if milsim and scenario players run around and wanna play army thats there God given right too! Thats the whole point in us having a military is to protect the freedom and pursuit of happiness for our citizens. I completely get what your saying I dont even wear camo anymore when I play because I thoguht the samething at one point. The field I play at though is pro military and I choose not to wear it because I truly think that people see what they wanna see and camo helps but also your movement in the woods is the real deciding factor. At least thats how I feel. As for the guy who wants to fly the canadian flag thats your decision just be ready to defend it if the problem arises I doubt it would but if it does be ready.

In Topic: everyone who lives in Alabama needs to read this

13 June 2011 - 05:22 PM

IF you live in the lower half of bama come down to belingrath and play Southern Alabama paintball right next door to belingrath gardens.