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In Topic: Westmont Yard Reball

13 January 2014 - 07:15 PM

I am not sure, I am back at school now.  Try calling and asking? It won't be until the weather gets nice enough for outdoor play and attendance starts to drop for advanced play, so I would say March sometime?

In Topic: New gun from Alien paintball: Deception

11 January 2014 - 05:54 PM





I science better than most.

Why not make another video?

No thanks. SCIENCE IS REPEATABLE. Everyone should test things with a scientist's eye. Try the sweep system yourselves.




Corrected for abridged version.  It's a shame you didn't read the whole thing - he makes a great point.


In the short term, having lots of people test the new Deception's sweep system would have a boost in sales for the marker.  Might not help the marketing very much, but perhaps the point all along is that Jack Rice doesn't need the sweep bolt to have a good set of markers?



That's what I, and others, have been saying the whole time! Whether or not the sweep works or not, they are great shooting, reliable markers.

In Topic: New gun from Alien paintball: Deception

01 January 2014 - 02:05 PM


The fact is, the claims don't matter if the product works fine.



Wrong, if a product (any product) is priced around a claim which is not true I have every right to bitch.



Except Alien markers aren't really priced around the fact that they have the sweep bolt.  They are priced around the fact that they are solid guns, usually cheaper than the competitors.  No price inflation from the sweep bolt at all.  So the claims, in this case, don't matter.  Especially when the product works great.

In Topic: New gun from Alien paintball: Deception

31 December 2013 - 02:47 AM

So you're going to side with the person clearly interested in making it look like the sweep works with no actual data, just a questionable video, vs a rigorous scientific query from a non-biased third party? Allrighty then, not much else to be said. And the dragon comment was simply about how the responsibility is always shifted to the person asking for proof by the fanboys, never on the person making the claims.


Well I do like Jack's video better than punkworks, it is more believable IMO.  I am not saying it works, or claiming it does.  I just don't get all of the hate or why we are all having this huge argument to begin with.  Boblong makes claims that his markers get crazy efficiency but no one has really been able to get the efficiency he claims.  Yet, whenever there is a thread about a boblong gun, no one ever brings up the efficiency issue.


As what was mentioned before, the sweepbolt is aliens thing.  It is what sets it apart from the rest.  Who cares if it works/doesnt work, alien makes good markers, which is what matters in the end.

In Topic: New gun from Alien paintball: Deception

31 December 2013 - 01:46 AM





One marker: check

Documented swapping bolts: check

Documented chrono bolts: check

Test and results: check

All one video: check.


What more do you want?  Here it is plain as day.  If you don't like it, do the test yourself.  Notice, it is only a foot difference at most.  No ridiculous claim is made, just a claim of slightly further shot.


That video is nice, but pointless since we don't actually see the gun in the shot. We see them zoom out for the bolt change, then zoom back in so that we can't see the gun. Any number of things could be happening that we can't take into account for, because we can only see a board and some random hits. Granted, Punkworks also does not have a video of the test like that, however I trust the integrity of Bryce and Gordon, as they are both only interested in the results and data. They have no vested interest either way for Alien, so they would have no reason to lie about the results.


This is Punksorks' test on the sweep: http://www.punkworks...x.php?p=7&id=23


They clamped the gun and tested both bolts indoors, using good paint with an underbore, bore match, and overbore at 100 and 150 feet. I believe it is a quite comprehensive and reliable test, hardly what I would call terrible.


Also, the onus of proof lies with those that make the claims. You can't just go around saying "he said it works, so it's on you to disprove it." That's like me saying I have an invisible dragon for a pet, and when you ask for proof, me saying "you disprove it."


So as a scientist and engineer, yes, I will be a whiny bitch about the proper way to make claims and provide proof.



Well in my mind this video is more valid than punkworks.  At least he shows something shooting and I trust enough that it is the gun. Punkworks doesn't have any reason to skew the data but you never know since they don't show anything... any number of things could of happened.


Also, the invisible dragon simile does not quite make sense in this argument.  Because that really isn't something that can be tested by everyone, only you; ie, it is not readily available by everyone. Hence, the "test it yourself" Because in reality, it is something everyone can do.