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In Topic: DYE ROTOR!

21 November 2012 - 02:13 AM

is this still up for grabs? im def interested

In Topic: White/Black Sly Profits LNIB

15 August 2012 - 11:42 PM

I'll take them for $65 shipped, but its gonna be a few days before I can get the cash, so for now, free bump

In Topic: Clone GT vs Geo 3

20 July 2012 - 02:13 AM

so similiar enough efficiency numbers from geo 3 vs what ive heard from the gt to not be a defineing factor

Let's assume that's the case for now.

geo 3

has better board in terms of quality and settings.

I don't understand why people keep saying this. The PE boards, while having a bigger screen, are LCD while macdev's are OLED. OLED's are more expensive, look crisper imo, and use less battery which means they're better as technology>size. If they weren't, Virtue wouldn't release new OLED boards for PE markers every year.

Also in terms of settings, while PE boards allow you to swich between opto/micro on the trigger, they only allow semi and ramp firing modes. Clone boards not only have semi and ramp, but full auto and burst.as well. Would/Will you ever need these kinds of modes on your board? no but I'd rather have the ability to shoot many ways than how my marker reads my trigger pull as such modes don't require an effort to pull it and I prefer microswitches instead.

has 1/4 the orings on the drivetrain making it more reliable and easier to maintain.

This is true, but all the main functioning GT orings are standard size with a durometer rating of 70. Standard size 70 durometer orings are main orings used in paintball; as a result, you can easily find them from many players regardless of what marker they use in case you need to. In addition, Macdev uses the same orings over and over again in many of the important features of the marker.

The bolt of the Geo 3, according to the manual, uses a metric 14X2 oring as well as a standard 15 sized oring with a durometer of 90. Not only are they much more uncommon, but you have to identify such features when replacing them if the person who you're getting orings from doesn't use Geo markers, which can be a pain as orings tend to look the same.

having not seen or pulled apart a gt reg i find the eclipse hpr regs, while not as consistent seem to be a bit more robust and reliable.

Macdev wins on the reg department because not only because is it a brand new reg (internals are not interchangeable with previous models) it contain no small parts, which are annoyance as they are easy to lose (the sl3 regs have a tiny purge poppit that it'd be a headache if i ever lost when trying to fix it due to supercharging). Also macdev is known for the quality of their regs.

has a better trigger in terms of adjustability and function (switch/opti)

Can't argue with this one. Clone triggers are still as horrible but the GT's are still compatible with violent triggers. Also more aftermarket triggers are available.

is macro'd which i prefer over macroless due to inherent issues with macroless (difficult to diagnose leaks, asa orings getting shredded etc that happens across most guns)

macroless issues are overblown. In the GT's case, the air goes from the asa, through the grip frame and into the solenoid. In most cases a leak will happen either at the solenoid (rarely happens) or the asa (which has like 2 orings). The only way a leak can happen at the frame is if you really screwed it up (macdev frames are a bit studier unlike PE, who chose to design it that way).

has the pops asa which i still think is the most revolutionary design for an asa to come out in quite a while

But in the end, an asa is just to gas/degass up a marker. While the pops makes it much easier, other knob-based asa don't hinder gassing and degassing to the point the pops becomes the standard.

has the purge valve dial to tune the gun

There's only one setting I would want in a spool and that's as smooth as it could be. If I wanted anything else, I grab a poppit instead.

due to the fact its got the same bolt design from the geo 2 it will likely be one of, if not the softest/best "new age" spoolie on paint.

While assuming the efficiency might be better, being of the same bolt design means it probably won't be as smooth in comparison to it's rivals, as the Geo 2 was the worse spool in the high-end market in terms of smoothness. Hopefully the new solenoid changes that.

has PE's awesome customer/parts support which is extremly hard to beat.

Can't argue here also. PE has the best customer support in all of paintball and have done a lot for this sport.

has great packaging and a massive spares kit

So does pretty much most of the high-ends sans bob long.

comes with 2 bolts

Which is the most mind-baffling part: why would you need 2 bolts in the first place? Are they telling us that there is a situation where breaking more paint is essential? If this is one of the reasons they use to justify the price increase, then it's a silly one imo.

is $50 cheaper than the GT

But they still increased the price and failed to justify it from a consumer's persepective, at least in comparison to the GT. With the VX to the GT, macdev not only made it macroless, they replaced the ASA, reg, the body milling, grip frame, gips, eye covers and solenoid along with redesigning the drivetrain to make it more simpler and easier to remove. In addition, they to also made their version of a soft tip and placed it on their bolt.

Macdev could have easily driopped the clone name as that's how different the GT is in comparison to earlier models. Are the performance gains not significant? It does shoot slightly smoother but macdev markers were already top of the line in terms of performance, so it's hard to really improve on that. Does this mean more unknown issues? Yes but I least I have the satisfaction of buying a whole new marker and not just a slight update.

Again I said this earlier, if PE kept the price at 1250, they would have had a better arguement. The fact they're still using the same SL3 reg or pops asa rubs me the wrong way with the price increase. Why couldn't they have taken the Bespoke ASA design from the CSL? Heck why couldn't they taken anything from the CSL and added it to the GEO 3 (The Geo 2 added the SL3 reg from the SLS)? The 2 bolt situation is probably the biggest head scratcher among them all. Why would anyone need 2 bolts when we'd all use the bolt that leads to less paint breaking anyway? They should have sold the st-2 bolt seperately of at least added the e-portal software, which has been out like forever.

do i think you should go straight out and pre-order the geo 3

hell no

do i think you should at least wait for the geo 3 to start getting out to people and have a shot of one at your local feild up against a gt if you can find one.

hell yeah

This applies to you with the Clone GT as well.

This lol

In Topic: Buying a new marker?

20 July 2012 - 01:57 AM

Wait? Can it be? Someone on this forum who doesn't hate Valken besides me? IT'S A MIRACLE!

I love Valken! even if I didnt, I'd have to say I do. Theyre one of our sponsors. lolz

In Topic: Strangest Things You Have Seen

20 July 2012 - 01:50 AM

Was walking the field for a tourny at the field that sponsors my team, and there was a snake on the field...in the snake bunker. lolz