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Empire AXE microswitch broken ?

02 October 2013 - 03:37 PM

I bought this broken empire axe the other day for a good price and repair the broken microswitch by desolder the old and solder on another microswitch from whatever i had lying around ...

A microswitch can be found in gaming joysticks , other paintball boards or just bought for cheap off the web...

I thought i would share what i did in case someone else would like to try this ...

Things needed .
Pliers -

Solder iron "pen style" max 25watt
Solder max 0,8mm thick ..
Tin sucker .
Some experience with a soldering iron . If not your just braking a broken board more...

Here is the problem.


Almost any 3 pin microswitch will do . These 3 pins need to be desoldered.

New microswitch transplant :

In order to desolder the old microswitch it is a good idea to apply some new fresh solder too the 3 solder joints reaheat and use a tin sucker to remove the tin.


And bam 230$ axe working ...