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In Topic: Jobs for teens

01 July 2011 - 08:50 PM

If you're not 15+, you're not getting an actual job. Child labor laws that even the small places need to follow or risk being shut down. What I do because I can't get a job is I work for my Aunt. She's wealthy and has a HUGE house so she constantly needs stuff done. Doesn't get me a lot, but I save up and I'm still trying to get a job. So, basically, younger than 15, talk to friends / family about doing stuff for money. 15+ start applying for jobs, and yes, you can do this online.

In Topic: A few questions

01 July 2011 - 01:59 PM

what is your total budget for your gear purchase?


a: Beware of cheaper brands at time with pants especially, as they tend to offer less protection and not last long anyways. I highly recommend finding pants from a premium manufacturer from 09 or so if possible. Example: http://store03.prost...-NEW-DYE/Detail I bought these 06 dye pants recently for $45 bucks! So what if they are from 2006...they are terrific!

b: You are not liable to damage or shrink most things with either cold/cold or cold/warm. However, cold/cold is generally gentlest and best for things besides underwear and sheets/towels in my opinion. Let them air dry. You can also just hang them up on the shower curtain rail.

c: The paint near you clearly sucks. Find a reputable shop (if one exists near you) or order paint online from a reputable site that goes through plenty of inventory such that you get solid paint (ala ansgear.com).

d: It appears to be a spyder-clone done right. They work darn well.

e: http://www.techpb.co...p?showforum=530 is the bargain section of our forum. Keep an eye on it.

f: If the people where you play are jerks and don't care about safety, I suggest that you play somewhere else even if you have to drive for an hour. It's worth it.

Thanks a ton. For jerseys / pants, I was just looking for something cheap that can last until I get a job and get anything decent. I don't slide or anything, mainly because I can't afford pads / slider shorts / etc and sliding isn't necessary with the kids here, so I doubt I could do anything to wear it out quickly. Protection is something I live without, I normally play with just a tee shirt and shorts. Only reason I will want padding is for sliding.

For paint, it was just a brand that academy had that sucked real bad. They have some good paint that is tournament grade, but that's about $20 more a case compared to online prices, including shipping & handling as well as tax. I have no idea if there is a paintball shop around, much less any that are really good. Academy is the best I have for prices, our field's paint is more expensive than academy surprisingly.

Glad to hear the Kaos is decent, thanks for the bargain section too.

They care A LOT about safety, very fast about jumping on you if you have your goggles off if you walk on to a field, even if it's outside and nobody outside is shooting, not even at the chrono range. I've seen guys get kicked off the field for repeated warnings. They are money hungry though it seems, I just think they would make me pay to use their chrono. I will have to call to be sure, it's been 3 years since I've been there.

EDIT: So I got a loan and went ahead and started ordering things, seems everything is decent. ANSgear is having a nice sale in Empire clothing, it took me awhile to find things that fit me but I upgraded to the Empire 2010 LTD Contact tZ Jersey and 2010 LTD Contact tZ Pants. Pants were expensive, but they were the only things that fit me and seem better than the Fate pants, so I chose them over ordering 2,000 paintballs... Will be doing some work so after I pay off the loan I'll go get some at Academy, probably less risky that way too.