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A few questions

01 July 2011 - 03:48 AM

So I've been watching the videos for awhile, lurked around the forums for the last couple of weeks or so, and decided I would join the lovely community. I used to play paintball back a few years ago, I had started out with some kind of Brass Eagle.. Was at a pawn shop for like $20 bucks and was pretty decent. Following birthday I upgraded to a Tippmann A5 with Flatline barrel, and that was great. I like Woods a lot, and enjoy the idea of Scenario though it'll be awhile before I can get into Scenario. Our local fields Woods field is small, feels like Speed with a bunch of trees and wooden cover.... Anyway, I played a game in our Speed / Air field, whatever you want to call it, and I had a blast. Only thing I disliked was that it was indoors... Whatever they used for the walls / ceiling, it made A LOT of noise. It was a challenge to hear things after a few games... Anyway, I LOVED that. My only time playing at the local field, way too expensive. I'm normally a Renegade player, or whatever they are called. There's a woodish area next to a shooting range just outside of city limits that feels like a Woods field. A couple of months after the field play, I had to sell my gear so the family could afford bills. A few years later, shortly before my 17th birthday (yesterday!) I decide to get back into paintball. I'm looking more into competitive playing this time around, after I land a job, and I had a few questions...

1. Washing paintball apparel... I saw Mike's video on this, and I know it's best to flip the jersey inside out and wash it. But what about pants? I'm going to get my first pair of pants and jersey soon. Looking at the Valken 2011 Fate Jersey and Fate Pants because they are cheap and barely outside of my budget, so after doing some work I can get them. I just want to make sure to take good care of them and have some experience before I go and dump a few hundred into really good pants and jerseys. Also, my washer has a Cold Cold, Cold Warm, and Warm Warm setting or something like that. Which would be best to go with, Cold Cold or Cold Warm? As for drying, stick to having box fans blowing on them? Would prefer the dryer, but I'll choose the slower option if it means they "live" longer.

2. XO Spectrum Paintballs... They are kind of cheap, and I'm worried about that, but I see the brand is Empire. It seems Empire makes good gear, but is this brand of paint good at all? I'm trying to stick with the cheapest case of paint I can find, and I would like to order as much as I can at once from one place to lower cost. Don't want to go any higher than this, but my dad had bought a 1,000 case of paint from Academy that was like $20 bucks and it was utter crap. Every ball was squishy, so there were a TON of bounces. People would call themselves out because of how much they were getting shot, not because they broke. I don't want to repeat this. I am superior to my friends, I am sick of them having an advantage because their paint actually breaks.

3. Azodin Kaos, is it any good? This packaged deal looks really good. I was thinking of getting a $100 package with the Tippmann Gryphon, goggles, 9 oz tank, and 200 round hopper purely because I remember how reliable my A5 was. Then I compared prices to this website to Academy (we don't have any local paintball shop that I know of, otherwise I would buy from them hands down) and I was stunned by this. I was going to buy 2 12 oz tanks to go with the Gryphon because, for whatever reason, Academy lost a lot of stock it seems.. including their 20 and 24 oz tanks. So, I saw this coming with a 20 oz tank and buying a $18 24 oz tank seemed like a great price... Now, although I DO like Woods and Scenario, I found Speed to be A LOT more like me when I don't have a "sniper." It was more fast paced, and I was closer to people than I am in Woods. If I'm not "sniping" I have to be playing a fast-paced CQC game, a reason I am attracted to the Kaos.

4. Tanks. I know CO2 is bad, and kills electro markers, but HPA tanks are expensive ($36 for something that lasts 600 shots? No thanks...) and I will be saving up for a large HPA tank after this... I found a huge one for like $180 that says it can shoot 1700+ balls of paint. I shoot A LOT of paint, so I was attracted to this option. I don't care at all for size, I can learn to operate with a tank no matter how large or "uncomfortable" it is. I care for how much I can shoot before running dry. Is there ANYWHERE I can get cheaper HPA tanks? Also, does Academy fill HPA at all? My local field is a 6 minute drive away now, and Academy is 15, but supposedly our field only fills tanks 1/4 of the way or so... I refuse to pay $3-$4 for 1/4 a tank if I can go to Academy, pay the same price, and get a full tank.

5. Anyway at all to get a decent way of tuning velocity without chrono or going to the field? Even a rough estimate of getting somewhere in a decent range? The guys at our field are a bunch of pricks (or were 3 years ago..) and I doubt they would let me go use their chrono for free... If they did, they would probably make me use their paint even though I'd only be shooting the van they set up... I'm not asking for precision or anything, I know that's impossible, but anything that can get me within 250-315 (so I don't hurt my friends...) so that I can wait until I can afford the field to tune it precisely. 19 bucks for 500 balls is expensive. Just want some way to get me shooting semi-well.

Sorry this post kinda sucked, it was 3 am when I started writing, 3:50 when I finished. Way too tired to pay attention to my spelling and grammar. Also, sorry it's a huge block of text. Put it in paragraphs to hopefully ease your pain.