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In Topic: Tiberius Arms T15

07 July 2013 - 05:32 PM


And another M(insert number here) look-alike thats still useless when you put a mask on. 

Maybe its just me, But Im tired of Magfed = Real life Guns 


Maybe one day someone will get it, someone will understand that stocks that Work in Real life, Dont work in paintball. they never do. The phantom's L and T stocks are attatched to the bottom of the frame, Not because of looks, But because it works better in a paintball setting, They are not bulky plastic but rather a thin metal tube, Because its lighter and easier to hold and swap hands with.
the DAM FINALLY got paintball stocks right and had the stock drop from the back so you could actually put your mask somewhere. Follow suit. 

if your using a tank, allow players to use that from the frame, If your using a remote line, Keep the stock on the Frame not the back cap of the marker. if your using stock-Air combo, Then use the frames ASA!!!!  


Paintball guns pretty much never ever....ever warrant the use of rails. For the 1 thing you can put on a rail that is somewhat situation specific and useful in paintball. There is another 100 rail attachments that are useless, Get rails off the barrels, Get them off the ends of markers, it adds weight that does nothing but hinder the speed you can raise and aim the marker. 

45, or 86 Grip frames. Hell even 45 humpback if you custom like that. M16 grips suck in paintball, your not nicely laying behind the marker with your hands in a forward facing position. 
Your shoved up against a tiny ass tree being shot at from 2 angles trying to keep tucked, 45 frames are easier to work with in these situations 

Good lord I feel like I could go on for a long time, Mag fed markers Are REALLY COOL. But I want a Paintball marker, Not a "insert Look alike replica" here.

You dont see People in baseball throwing soccer balls
You dont see hockey players with golf clubs (unless they didnt get in the play-offs :P )
You dont see pool players lining the table up with Crime scene ballistic trajectory equipment and shit

Why do we see paintball guns trying to look like real guns? Mil-sim can be awesome sure, But I think Mil-sim needs to be reminded that what works in paintball is fundamentally different then when your shooting a bullet 300 Meters into some bro's testicles. 


while on one hand, you're saying its cool, and on the other hand, you're saying its garbage. You can't hate something and wonder why people use it, and then on the other side of your mouth (more like keyboard), put in caps letters how cool it is. That's just way too much contradiction for my taste

In Topic: Tri-State Special Operations Command Accepting Applicants

11 June 2013 - 02:42 PM

Is there still a Tippmann requirement for all team markers? That's the only thing that's stopping me from applying to your team. I use Tiberius and rap4 markers.

In Topic: What do you want from a scenario?

08 March 2013 - 01:06 PM

see, I would love stand around in a circle with my team, get briefed on a mission to capture a high value target in a specific area (building, etc) (capture not kill for intel purposes) (storyline can be added in here) and have the team commander plan how many teams or squads we need, what snipers, entry team, gunners, fire suppression team, medics, etc are needed, as well as who will carry items such as grenandes, launchers, etc. Also having a briefing with a map of the target area and best points of entry and a real plan of action and rules of engagement is important for realism and excitement.

The opposing team is terrorist or a security force with the mission of protecting the high value target (add in story line here as needed).

If you set up a day with 4 types of scenarios similar to this, I think it would be a great milsim event. Keep it simple, direct, and to the point. Let the planning and the op carry the complexity rather than the story.

In Topic: What do you want from a scenario?

02 March 2013 - 03:11 PM

Me personally, I'm tired of seeing these dramatic stories in milsim. Rather, I want to see a real mission. Protect a vip, take a strong hold, rescue a hostage. An overview of the theme is okay, I just hate the soap opera that sometimes goes with these stories. In the end, i want a mission, and I want to accomplish it tactically, game over.

Basically more direct missions, less open endedness. I rather leave that open ended role to SF and guerilla forces in real combat.

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