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The Paint Life

14 September 2011 - 04:49 PM

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This page is dedicated to the people of Paintball:

We are the Pros and the Joes.
We are the Experienced and the Beginners.
We are the Players and the Referees.
We are the Coaches and the Parents.
We are the Field Owners and the Industry Leaders.
We are the Warriors and the Athletes.

We live THE PAINT LIFE, and we want you to joins us!

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of PAINTBALL!!!

This is a page and future company my boyfriend and I are trying to get started, please support me and just like the facebook page! Thank you!:D

Dead Man's Gear paintball clothing and accessories!

21 August 2011 - 04:44 PM

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HEY GUYS! Traci here!!!...Official spokes-girl for DMG clothing/apparel!
We are looking forward to getting our product out to all the awesome ballers out there.
We believe our clothing line brings a different vibe to the paintball world and would love to see all you guys/gals sportin' a new feel of swag.

"The Old Shit" Sale!

Sales don't get sweeter than this! Your favorite shirts, now 40-50% off! If ever there was a time to get your Dead Man's Gear, this is it! No telling how long it will last! So don't hesitate to shop it up! These prices will be honored on the fields too wherever you see our booth!

tees/tanks= 50%
hoodies/work shirts = 40%

(Note: excludes Canada shirts)


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Like what you see? Check out more at: http://deadmansgear.net/

ALSO! Please take the time to like us on Facebook!

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:) THANK YOU!!! :)

I could use some advice....

28 July 2011 - 07:52 PM

So, I currently own an 08 Ford Ranger...the title is under my step dad's name and was bought a little over 2 years ago. It costs me 330 per month plus gas and it was financed for 6 years. I owe 11,990 on it still and am trying to figure out a way out of this financial mess. I had wanted a used car in the first place, but my parents insisted on something new. Anyway, as of right now I only have a part time job at my local field and have had it for almost 5 years. It's awesome and all, but I make 8.50 an hr....and my biweekly paychecks are anywhere from 300 - 550 depending on the season. I have been looking for a better paying job or another part time but have had no luck.

I went to Carmax a few days ago and they offered 11,000 for my truck. Which is awesome, but I still owe a little bit on it. I took the time to look through their lot and found an 08 Toyota Yaris going for 11,900...the same amount I owe on my truck. This would be a better trade-off if I could somehow have lower payments, and MUCH better gas mileage.

However, this alternate car would have to be in my step dad's name again as I don't have credit(my monthly car payments are taken out from my account into my mom's, gee thanks) .....AND he tells me today that his credit has gone to shit, basically making me SOL. There's no way I'd be paying less for a car now... :(

I know this was a bit long, but I feel stuck...yea I'm lucky to have a working vehicle and a job in the first place...but I have another 3 years to pay and I feel like there is a way out. School has been getting more expensive and money has become a problem more and more(I know, it is for everybody)....shit I feel like I can ride a bike for awhile just to pay off my truck/save up.

If anybody has any advice on what I could do at all it'd be greatly appreciated.

#2000 you are not allowed to visit this forum

27 July 2011 - 11:22 PM

I have not been home in two days, and it seems like my computer's IP is banned on techpb. I get this error whenever I click on any link on techpb. I have not done anything against the rules. Help me out please, thank you!

A memoir about paintball by one of my young guns<3

22 July 2011 - 07:23 PM

At where I work, Hotshots Paintball of Loxahatchee, FL, we hold a summer camp every year including training camps for those that are interested in the competitive side of paintball. From the last two summer camps, a team was formed, called The Buster Squad. I've come to know and love each and every one of these kids, and I've spent every weekend with them since they started playing. A few months ago a few of them participated in a 4v4 at Spent Paintball in West Palm Beach, FL. They won 2nd place. None of these kids are a day over 15, and are competing against people almost twice their age. One of the kids wrote a memoir for class about this event and it brought tears to my eyes the first time I read it, and I thought I'd share it with you all. This was written by my little buster Brandon, who is 14 years old.

My opponent was firm, determined, and aggressive. He stayed alive the
whole 6 minute long game as his other four teammates were shot out along with
mine. Already, I shot out two other players but this was a different story. I on the
other hand was staying patient and waiting for the correct time to make a move,
trying to use skill rather than shooting a ton of paint is my tactic. We were about
thirty feet apart on the one hundred-twenty foot long paintball field.

All that is going through my mind is the sound of the paintballs hitting my
Dorito shaped bunker and processing in my mind what to do next. I wasn’t really
scared, but a little nervous, “What if I slip up? What if I get shot? What if I run out of
paint?” Staying focused is all I need to do now. Taking a quick glimpse at my hopper,
the electric feed system used to fill my gun with paint, I judge that I have only
around thirty shiny lime green paintballs left and there was only one other
opponent and I still in. He kept shooting away, posted up on me, trying to pin me
down in the awkward position I am in. I feel the adrenaline kick in and run angrily
through my veins. I take a long deep breath and listen to my coach’s voice from the
sidelines trying to guide me. Once the paint subsided from coming towards me, I
speedily snap out as fast as a chameleon’s tongue and take a couple of shots and two
catch the players face! Right when I saw his lens and the bottom of his mask filled with
thick blue paint a rush of relief blew straight through my quivering body.

“Yes! Way to go Buster!!” my Coach yells with joy, as our teams name is the
Buster Squad. I swiftly run to the flag station trying being stoical but I can’t help but
to keep a huge grin on my face thinking about my great victory. I grabbed the
florescent yellow flag off the post and brought it to the other side’s net, giving my
team another needed point. The man that I beat became regretted with his bad
decisions yet congratulated me on my well-earned victory.

All of my teammates sprint towards me and bombard me with cheers as we
finish in second place out of fourteen teams. The satisfaction of our triumph is very
exhilarating. All of the 12 great players, which are also my best of friends, rush to
jump in for the picture, with the smaller kids on the shoulders of others. We all have
grins that spread from ear to ear. “Cheeeeesssee” we all say as the flash goes of and
that great moment is captured as a reminder of determination and happiness. We
then collect our prize money and free boxes of paintballs. It was awesome to be
receiving money, $150, and other prizes for playing the sport I love, although the
money didn’t mean as much as the recognition we got from the other teams.

Even though we were just a bunch of kids from middle school we beat other
players that were like sixteen and up. Then we strolled to our parents cars after
packing up feeling as good as ever. We all stopped and our parents and coaches
asked us where we wanted to celebrate. “Hooters!” everyone cried in unison, we
planned this beforehand. So everyone and I went out to celebrate our well earned
victory and had an awesome time. This was our first tournament played together
and we had a stupendous win. This experience taught me to stay patient and everything will come to you.

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These kids make my job even more satisfying, knowing they have grown alongside each other and within the sport of paintball, enjoying every minute of it. They are the next generation of the sport, and to bring it back, we must encourage them.