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Why does everyone hate the NT?

18 March 2012 - 03:16 PM


Geo 2.1 vs Clone VX

10 March 2012 - 02:12 PM

all around, which is better?

High End Spools

08 March 2012 - 10:40 PM

Poll up

Buying Bob Long Markers

01 March 2012 - 08:16 PM

i know that Bob makes great stuff, but iv'e geard some negative things about the company. Packaging sucks (not a big deal in my opinion), customer service sucks, and the guns can be pains in the asses. However, I've heard and seen that when they do work, nothing even compares.

Planet Eclipse Pads vs. Dye Pads

29 February 2012 - 11:07 PM

which is better in performance and value