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In Topic: GI Sportz 4+7 Race Pack vs HK Army 2014 Eject 4+3+4

17 December 2013 - 08:39 PM


NXe elevation. Blth these brands have had serious durability issues in the past year, dont say you werent warned if something rips or tears on thr HK or GI.

As much as I agree, that's not what he asked.

I would personally get the HK out of the two.


Thank you for answering my question, couldd you further your answer and maybe say why you would take the Hk over the two? Or are you just saying that because you like HK?

In Topic: GI Sportz 4+7 Race Pack vs HK Army 2014 Eject 4+3+4

15 December 2013 - 03:17 PM

What position do you play? The HK looks cleaner especially if you plan on not using all of the elastic straps to hold extra pods.


Pretty much anywhere besides snake. 

In Topic: Some questions about Dye NT's

19 May 2013 - 09:23 PM

How much would a used DM11 put me back? Cause I know a buddy selling a LNIB DM12 for 700$ but i dont have that much cash or I would of picked it up... :(

DM 9-13 will all shoot pretty close. The 9 or 10 will be $350-400 and great choices of you want a Dye or just a spool valve gun. DMs change very little from year to year. That said there are a ton of choices in this used market $500 range.

You seem to want, used super gun, single tube, low maintenance (cause you are new), reliable and good ergonomics. With that in mind, I'd advise; Eclipse Geo 1 or 2, Mac Dev Clone or Clone VX, Bob Long Victory, or DM 9-11.

These are all solid choices, all have their pros and cons. I'd take this info to the vs forum and do a little research. Good luck.

When you say Bob Long Victory, which one do you mean. The ones I see are newer and run about 1000...

In Topic: Looking for a team name

19 May 2013 - 07:58 PM

Wolf pack. But you must wear 3 wolf moon shirts.

That's already a pro team name...

In Topic: Used supergun prices?

19 May 2013 - 07:56 PM

2011 G6R:$500-$600\
Geo 2:$550ish
Clone vx:$600
Luxe 1.0:$650-$800

Damn coding...

So which one of those would you recommend? Please give so pros and cons on the marker and why.