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08 October 2008 - 06:46 PM

i dont know if this belong here or not but i got some jt flex 7s from there and they are pre made with green and purple. I saves money from actually buying the frames and mask and it is absolutely sick
good job warped

barrel comparison

08 October 2008 - 06:44 PM

im between the sly barrel kit and the switch kit for stiffi
im also considering the un1tec barrel kit
any suggestions


08 October 2008 - 06:31 PM

So ive finally had it long enough to give it the right amount of review time
im gunna try to keep this kinda short tho
the legend is an amazing gun
it just feels good in the hand
comes stock with a cp reg and an amazing trigger
the board comes with the modes and if it doesnt, it is easy to ship in and have it flashed wiht the new psp mode
the barrel is good however ive noticed alot of people including my self that hav changed it out
the feed neck is strong and cant strip because THERE ARE NO THREADS
the efficiency is good and it is easy on paint
the one problem is that it does not have many aftermarket parts. BUT IT DOESNT NEED THEM
the eyes are easy to get at if there is a problem but i havent had a problem at all yet.
the one highlight and beat part is the accessibility of the ram. Take out one screw and slide it out
its just and all around good gun and if you are looking into one i would definitely try it out
pm me with any questions


08 October 2008 - 06:21 PM

1) Name, Age, Location
2) Years of paintball experience
3) Are you familiar with IP Board
4) What other message boards have you moderated, started, or assisted with
5) What sections would you like to help the TechPB community out with?
6) Have you ever worked at a paintball store, field, or within the industry?
7) Have you played in any major events? Scenario Games, National Tournaments, etc?
8) Any other forums you currently moderate at?
9) Fill out an employment application, send us a copy of your valid drivers license and consent to background check.

1.Kyle Van der Linde, 15, Los Angeles California
2.3 and a half years
3.not especially but i am very good with computers
4.ive helped and have many friend who are mods on sharedxs.com
5. i want to help make the site clean or more productive than pbnation
6.i havent worked yet not old enough
7. no tournements but i play often not into the whole team thing especially not traveling for paintball just not in my time budget
8. no but again I could at sharedxs.com and sharegfx.com (wares sites)
9.dont have a license. Im fifteen years old but im mature beyond my age and very easy to communicate with


08 October 2008 - 06:14 PM

hey i think it would nice to have perhaps compressed the site alittle more
i know that pbnation is terrible and i hate it but they do have a nice homepage
the differnt parts of the forum are more compressed liek the gear section and the regional section