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Solenoid help

22 July 2011 - 07:08 AM

ok so i just kinda got into the whole solenoid settings with my ego, i was on stock settings for a while till i got use to the gun and put some cases through it. now i know alot of the common settings for the solenoid are 1/7 2/7 3/8, i see thoes alot, well i have mine on 1/7 and now ima try 3/8 and see the diffrence and everyone tells me to have ramping on but make sure its "un-capped" this may be a stupid question but how do i know if i am "un-capped"? i am ramping. is there a setting or something?


21 July 2011 - 07:38 PM

only reason im selling this gun is beacuse i got a EGO 11 and this gun just stays in my room collecting dust, every once in a while a friend will use it but thats all, i got this gun a few months after i got a EGO 11. i shot maybe 5-8 cases through it with no problems at all. its a beautiful gun and its a shame it just has to sit there.

Marker:DP G4
Known Problems:NONE
Asking Price:$250
Shipping Options:USPS, or you pick and pay
Trades of interest:high end markers, big upgrades, ill add $$$ plus marker,
Location of item:Trenton, New Jersey
What is Included:origional box, barrel condom, allen keys, O-rings, EVERYTHING IN PICTURE

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Speedball POV

19 July 2011 - 07:35 PM

hey guys, im still getting back into paintball and i want everyone to give me tips and pointers on what to work on and help me out, we mostly did 3on3 or 4on4 and we were playing with walk ons also so not everone knew what they were doin.

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shit i think i did it wrong lol

Pooty51 hush mod and regular hush bolt

18 July 2011 - 03:24 PM

hey guys im kinda new to thisd site so idk if this is the correrct place to put this but i was wondering if any has or shot a pooty51 modded hush bolt and a regular hush bolt, like can u explain to me what the diffrence is? is it 100% better? is there any diffrence at all? give me the details because i just ordered a hush bolt for my ego and idk if i wanna get it modded or just keep it the way it is. thanks guys!