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In Topic: Built from scratch Ion

25 August 2010 - 08:16 PM

Id probably do it if I had the extra cash lying around.

and Id keep it forever and ever Posted Image

I miss my old $700 ion that was sold for $250

In Topic: God Give Me Cleats!

24 August 2010 - 07:03 PM

would i need cleats or should i use my skate shoes that have a lot of grip they are like rough on the bottom im nervous cus i dont like to embarrass my self falling

Dont use skating shoes unless the field is on concrete lol. Cleats are definitely a good investment.
Helps you with speed, agility and in my case are a big safety plus

are soocer cleats good cleats for paintball and should i use them for woodsball?

Yea soccer cleats do just fine for paintball. but idk how well they'd work out in the woods.

Usually out there there is a lot of loose dirt and sticks and such so you might have to be more careful where you step

In Topic: God Give Me Cleats!

24 August 2010 - 05:50 PM

Cool story brah. Are you sure it was just dislocated, and not broken? Maybe it was five people you shot. With your feet. Honestly, it is happened, awesome, but your story sounds like total bullshit, lol. As a person that has dislocated his fair of shoulders, unless people were shooting REAL bullets, I would not have kept going. Second, relocating your shoulder REALLY isnt that easy, and even if it was, someone would have shot you by the time you managed. Unless you have extensive amounts of experience doing it, in which I would still say it is a 50/50 chance someone would have shot you.

lol hey you dont have to believe me if you dont wanna. I have dislocated it before and I have been taught the right way to relocate it.

Hence why im putting more importance on why I need cleats rather than the shoulder being dislocated.
To me all I thought about was I NEED CLEATS. not, oh shit my life's over cause I dislocated my shoulder.

The way I figured it, is the quicker I put it back into place the quicker Ill start feeling better. so why not do it right after it happens?

The fact that this all actually DID happen, and ill say I got very lucky with the last 2 guys I got out since it was like 5 on 2 at the end,
is why I posted it. The fact that I did a run through was related to the pain my arm was feeling and how badly I just wanted to finish the game.

Why would I come on here to make up a random story when other peoples opinions
would never change my life or the way I play paintball?

I just thought itd be fun to share Posted Image

take this thread as a means for me to warn people about playing without cleats.

In Topic: should i quit?

24 August 2010 - 03:03 AM

yeah pump might be your best option. you can use one case of paint for two or three weekends. bmx durring the week, paintball on the weekend. win win :DD

yea pump is probably the best option but youll save way more paint than that ^^^

Ive honestly played a whole day of pump off of 1-2 PODS

So idk about you but 1 bag last me 2 weekends when i play pump.

Saves LOADS of cash while giving you a fun and challenging way to play.
Buying a $100 pump gun was probably the best paintball investment ive made.

In Topic: Etek 3 LT up for sale

20 August 2010 - 05:28 PM

Ok sorry no longer up for sale. sorry. mod please close?