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Dye DM6

04 August 2011 - 02:46 PM

Hey guys,

I kinda need your opinion on a marker. I'm looking to get a used Dye DM6 with up's. It is selling for about $260. My question really is it worth it? Or should I hold out for a different/better gun. I've been playing woodsball, and I kinda want to get into tourney's but I really can't do that rockin' a Tippmann A5. Thanks in advance, fellas.. This is the description of the marker:

This gun has almost zero signs of use at all.
Comes with upgraded parts.
Green Laser eye's
PSP legal(10bps legal and 12.5bps legal)
CP asa self bleeding on/off
CP lever lock feedneck
JR3 14" 689 2 piece barrel

Will come with 80% of a full tube of slick lube (dye lube)
This thing looks like it was just taken out of the box.
I was going to polish the bolt to avoid bolt shick and run lower pressures and dwell but wait till you shoot this,polishing this would be a waste of time.

Has little to no breach wear.
100% working,just aired it up today before listing for sale.
I am selling this as I collect a specific type of gun and this will be sold to allow me to continue collecting.

This will be a great pickup to anyone's gear bag,be it a seasoned tournament player to a rookie recreational player.
This will function on low pressure and high pressure tanks.