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How to Protect Your Red Dot Sight from Paintballs!

03 August 2011 - 04:20 PM

Hi everyone,

I have exciting news for milsim players with red dot sights and other optics. I have found something that could protect your lenses from paintballs! i made a video about it and showed how it worked. click below to see how it can help you. Ill provide a link in the youtube description to the website i got it from. Enjoy!!

Also do you think you would buy it?

Will it work? I dont know but im trying it out on friday and ill report back if it gets hit to tell you how it goes!


Helping out the Noobs with Paintball Lingo with a dictionary?

01 August 2011 - 12:00 PM


I am a paintball noob and dont have the experience and knowledge to help me get to know more about my gear. I am also a noob to this site as well and may be not taken as seriously because of that but i want to get my word out. I recently had some problems with my tank and had to ask for help but they asked me about problems like "Shootdown" and It took me a while to figure out what it meant to understand what was happening. Usually in this situation, where I do not have the knowledge to figure something out, I can go to a source and quickly figure it out by using a recourse like a book or the almighty internet. For example, If I come across a word while reading a book for school that I have no idea what it means but its a key word that would help me know what is happening in the moment of the story I could easily go on my phone and type in the word and instantly figure out the meaning and I could keep reading without any trouble or wait.

I propose that you make a paintball dictionary section of the site that has all the lingo that is associated with paintball so the newcomers like myself can have a recourse that would help us greatly become more knowledgeable in paintball. I know this would be very time consuming figuring out what to put in the dictionary but maby you can set up a topic so we could help you out finding words and definitions for the dictionary. If this was a part of your site, I know that you would be getting more people involved in TechPB by people finding you through searching for a certain word that they are looking for in google or something and it would help the community out by spreading the word of techPB. I understand that this could be a huge undertaking and make you hesitant but can quote mike in saying that he wants to be like that cool knowledgeable older guy on the field when he was younger that would always be eager to share information and help out all the new players in their problems. Well this is your chance to take that to a whole new level and help the new guy and girls of paintball out. I hope you read this mike and take this into consideration.



Alpha Black Jamming Problem? And Feeding Paint Inconsistently?

20 July 2011 - 11:27 PM

Hi, I Just started paintballing a month ago and have put alot of work into this marker but it has some problems.

First off, occasionally the cyclone feed seems to be feeding improperly. For every 3 trigger pulls while shooting fast, I get one paintball out of the barrel. I changed the TechT Squishy Paddle to the smaller one and it helped alot Attached File  Alpha Black almost Done.jpg   52.7KB   40 downloadsbut the problem is still present. With the cyclone feed, is ball skipping normal?

Second, the Rear Bolt (i think thats what its called, Its the thing you pull back to cock the marker, im new so please excuse the lack on knowledge) seems to jam so it will not fire occasionally. To fix it i just need to pull it back and im good to go. It is really annoying so is there anything i can do for this problem?

Thank you for reading this and a response if you have an answer would be much appreciated.

- Justin