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In Topic: Can someone help identify this marker? Ego of an unknown year.

Yesterday, 12:21 PM

Actually, I'd say it appears to be an Etek 1.

that would probably be why the milling never matched 100% in the pictures i was looking at... in that case. $200 or less for everything.

In Topic: Autococker Parts (Where can I find them?)

Yesterday, 10:17 AM



these guys are great if you want to buy new. 

In Topic: Can someone help identify this marker? Ego of an unknown year.

Yesterday, 10:13 AM

it's either a 5 or a 6. i'm leaning towards saying 6. 

all together for a tank that's out of hydro i'd probably pay around... $275

don't know about the area you're in but i recebtly got my tank re-hydro'd and it cost around $30

In Topic: Should I play pump? If yes, what should I get

29 July 2014 - 10:24 AM

take off your pad pack and play with just a loader full. focus on movement and communication. when you do get further up the field you have to be able to play tight enough and snap well enough to win gun battles, you'll learn quickly. 


i would suggest playing a game with a pump before going out and buying one. that being said, if you do want to buy one i suggest an old sniper (autococker with a pump kit) anything with a centre feed, clamping feedneck, high quality pump kit (CCM preffered by me) and you're pretty much good to go! another thing is that unlike other markers pumps tend to hold onto their re-sale value extremely well, because companies don't really make them anymore theres no factor driving the prices down. so if you buy one then decide a while later its not for you, you'll most likely get a 100% return on your investment. 

In Topic: Mini GS Upgrades ?

29 July 2014 - 10:14 AM


Yep everything but the trigger because the old mini used a break beam trigger instead of a micro switch.

Have they ever made like a boss Bolt for a mini?



i'm pretty sure almost all of the axe/mini bolts are interchangeable.