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06 August 2011 - 02:47 AM

o yah for got to tell you to read the bst :]

where is it at?

I couldn't resist living a life without paintball being part of it. The withdrawals were killing me ever since the NPPL games at Huntington Beach. I'm hoping I can find a good deal for an Axe on here to get myself back on the field! Will it be difficult for me to get seller's to take me seriously since I am new to the site?

Just remember, you aren't going to really get any steals for an axe since they are relatively new. If your looking for a good gun that is a little bit cheaper, try an Infinity Legend, Mike loved it, and I own one and it beats 08/09 Egos out there on the field.

Thanks for the tip but I really have my eyes set on buying an axe :rolleyes: