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In Topic: Autococker Trilogy Leak

Today, 01:54 AM

You can rebuild the o rings around there or put a pump kit on it if everything goes south

In Topic: Best woodsball guns

Today, 01:52 AM

The best woodsball gun is a speedball gun.

Don't get another Tippmann, they're all the same guns with a different body with a few exceptions such as the phemom and crossover. If you want a milsim gun get a GoG G1, otherwise look for speedball guns like ions and timmies.

In Topic: Equiptment Advice

Yesterday, 05:41 AM

okay dumb question but is the empire helix with thermal lens worth it or should i just buy a nice more expensive mask?

It works and is anti fog, but it's so uncomfortable.
Buy a nice mask, you'll appreciate it when you play more often

In Topic: empire mini gs upgrades

Yesterday, 05:39 AM

A new gun. Nothing on the mini is a definite must have upgrade.

In Topic: empire mini gs vs planet eclipse etha

Yesterday, 05:38 AM

Is it more of a spoolie or a poppet tho? Efficient?

(Insert non offensive gender challenged meme here) :dodgy: