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In Topic: Best loader for around $100

Yesterday, 04:43 AM

Great thanks! 
I will strongly consider the Z2. For the price point it appears to be a well made, reliable hopper

I had a Z2 once, it caught fire.
No seriously it actually caught fire.
woah I haven't heard that one since I started my paintball hiatus :lol:

In Topic: gog Enmey's low force bolt

Yesterday, 04:30 AM

You're comparing a spool valve to two different stacked tube poppet guns. Compare the Ion platform to nearly any other spool and they're practically the same in terms of "low force bolt."
Also, they didn't design the Ion to be "low force," it just happens that when you run any spool with a restriction on the forward stroke (like an Ion platform without a QEV) and with a low enough pressure, it can do that.
TL;DR - if you want to call an Ion low force, you also need to call just about any other spool low force as well.

That is true but my statement still stands, I don't know anyone brave/dumb enough to shoot with their finger in the breach of a Clone or DM

In Topic: gog Enmey's low force bolt

14 April 2015 - 04:50 AM

I have to disagree with the low force bolt being a marketing gimmick, there's a video smart parts has of a guy sticking his tongue in the breach of a Vibe and shooting it. I know that's terrible proof but when I had bought my envy a few years back I took it out of the box, aired the gun up and shot it with my finger in the breach, of course it did put pressure on my finger and I felt it was enough to slice a ball but it definitely felt softer than the spring behind a Spyder bolt or even an ego bolt moving forward I'll tell you that. Until I see someone stick their tongue or whatever into their gun and shoot it I'll believe it's a soft shot on paint, I am aware there are a few guns that are capable such as a lurker bolt axe or that one auto mag bolt and I believe they aren't a marketing scam. I'd like to see someone stick their tongue into a Geo bolt to show me how soft of a shot it is.

As for op's issue, did you chrono your gun? That's all I can imagine was the issue if the internals were fine and the detents are good unless you underbored too much, like wookie stated every so often you get a batch of crap paint that just keeps breaking and it happens.

In Topic: A Debate About Walk On Etiquette

14 April 2015 - 04:31 AM

I ref at my field too but what makes me sick is our field's team of a 15+ roster that call themselves a family yet always give us a hard time splitting them to make teams even and aside from that they ramp all day long and I've argued with several of them not to overshoot because we've had cases where every one of them is in the same side of the field ramping and we have trouble calling the game because our whistles aren't as loud as their ramping shit eteks. Players that have the toxic mentality of "I was a rental once too and they ramped on me" are the ones I always give a hard time to such as checking the people they shoot and calling them clean if I feel like being a jerk, and they can't do anything about it because I have more authority than them because they're known for causing issues on the field a lot of staff tends to ignore them because they get mad about ridiculous things like splitting teams as I mentioned.

In Topic: Tank Advice

13 April 2015 - 03:29 PM

The round butt on a carbon fiber tank makes for a comfy surface to shoulder, I can sat it feels even more comfy than a firearm honestly.