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Trying To Find A Visor

24 April 2015 - 03:21 PM

I want a Visor my Proto Axis, I love the mask to death but the lights on the field when the day gets dark get more in my way than the sun itself. Would any visors like the Virtue i4 visors fit? Anyone have a schematic of what it looks like underneath?. Suggestions? I love tight to my face masks and no I don't like i4s.

45 Degree Reg Adapter

06 April 2015 - 02:23 AM


Found this on the interwebs. Does it work? How's it look like on a gun? How do you get it to align with the gun?

Building Reg Tester

03 April 2015 - 03:43 AM

How does one make this? I'd imagine a gauge on to an ASA but how would the air vent or cycle?

What If Dye Went Under?

28 February 2015 - 05:00 AM

In a hypothetical situation, what would happen if Dye paintball went out of business? What would happen to the lens production and accessories for the i4, i3, and Axis line? What would happen if you have a dye or proto gun that needs to be serviced? I have a Proto Axis that needs a new lens, I love the mask even more so than my cheap pro shield but I'm not sure I should get reattached to it primarily because of lens production possibly coming to an end.

Girls Grinding Gears

27 February 2015 - 08:19 AM

I have this gril friend, we've been together for 2 years now, were both 18, never broken up, she was top 9th in my class and i was in the low 200s, lot's of love between us, she's ridiculously attached, let her get away with a lot of shit. Now with the story...

I was hanging out with one of my friends a few days ago and we were smoking hookah, she's a strange bi chick who likes telling me how hot my gf is and I pick on her too like making inappropriate jokes about stuff like even stuff we probably shouldn't joke about. My gf calls and wants to hang out so we invite her over and were hanging out and such, were having fun while smoking and I blow Os at my bi friend and she says she can do an even cooler trick and I tell her to go on. She inhales the hookah, leans towards my gf and proceeds to shotgun it to her and even after start making out with her and I freeze for a moment and question whether to be mad or jealous. We had a thing going on in high school but nothing really happened because she had a boyfriend at the time. So my gf reacts shocked and starts laughing as she hugs me due to the discomfort and my hi friend tells her she's sorry if she went to far and my gf was okay with it and we had an alright night. That's kinda the third time my girlfriend has actually cheated on me, the first being at a party being pissed drunk and calling me crying to me that a guy kissed her and she pulled away, I had to believe her because she's the honest drinker and she's afraid without her shitty best friend which is why she was open about it and as much as she angered me I didnt break up with her because we all fuck up and I valued her homesty, hell I almost cheated on her with a lesbian friend of ours when I was drunk with her being right there in my other arm. Alcohol was new to me at the time. From there on out I let her get more attached to me than I was to her. On another night I was having some personal issues with home she was at a party with some friends of ours and I was supposed to go but couldn't, but she told me she was slightly intoxicated and willingly made out with the lesbian friend of ours while playing truth or dare or some shit, she called me again and came to my house to tell me what had happened and at the time I didn't know what to think being completely serious because I thought it was kinda hot but I didn't want her to think I'm digging for a threesome after that.

Just today we were listening to Loveline the talk show on the radio as she was driving me home from her house and the discussion they were having was about this girl who was promiscuous until she got with her boyfriend who was a virgin, they had sex and 2 years after she felt like she wanted her boyfriend to sleep with other women to explore his sexuality with her example being you don't go to an ice cream shop and try one flavor to say this is my favorite flavor being the only one you tasted. I hint out to my gf why she can't be like that in a joking manner and she goes off that she thinks being in a threesome is gross and completely shut down something I wasn't even thinking of lol. I should've thought it through and I could've approached the threesome topic in a better fashion, my gf claims to be straight but having made out with two of her friends her best friend and my friend I kinda question it due to the fact she was only intoxicated with one of them and it was more than a simple kiss with each girl. Mixed signals really grind my gears.

Edit: before anyone says to dump her she's the only one so far that actually likes my interest for paintball :tup: