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Revy Revival

26 January 2015 - 01:48 AM

So a friend of mine who doesn't even play paintball found an old school revy with x board in his garage and gave it to me. The revy is covered in spiderwebs and crap, from underneath the battery door the board still looked in good condition but it wouldn't turn on and the switch to turn it on was ruined. The switch doesn't click to either direction and the thing is corroded as heck somehow. I took the thing apart and the gearbox paddle eye harness and everything underneath is in great shape except the switch. Is it worth finding a switch and replace it? Does anyone know what switch it was exactly? Or would it be better to find a revy for parts and just swap the board entirely?

Edit: Surprisingly the shell is like brand new under all that crap. I managed to take apart the board as far as I could and the board is two stacked and stuck together, I highly doubt I'd be able to put my soldering iron through the first board to access the switch from underneath on the second board, I'm not sure how it's stuck or where on earth I can find a switch this small

Prophecy z2 vs Pinokio Speed

22 January 2015 - 05:59 AM

It's time to retire my beloved VLocity after the 4 different shells, 2 feednecks and countless amount of batteries it's gone through with me I've decided to move it as backup since the gears look worn on it and I think it's about time to resign my hate from Empire for not keeping Viewloader alive.

I've set my mind up for the Prophecy z2 because it seems unbeatable for the price of $80 or so for a cheesy looking camo loader, more than likely I'm gonna stick a v2 small nose cone on it because it'll look better and I'm a fan of smaller loaders because it's less weight on my arms when I run making me feel more in control of my setup and I like light setups and whatever. I like the Speed because it's $100 and it's a tiny loader that balances your setup apparently, it's kinda ugly sits awkwardly forward which I think would make a setup more balanced and comfortable but if I dislike it I'm gonna hate the thing more than I probably should. Which is better? I'd try getting a Spire but I don't think it's worth almost $200 to have a neat looking speedboat on my gun, especially since you have to set it up for each individual gun apparently. No I don't like the Rotor and I'm not getting one.

On The Field Fails

16 January 2015 - 08:22 AM

Today at work I was tagging guns at the chronograph and a kid who looks like 9 years old walks in with a dangerous power E1 with a funny looking front grip and gasses up his gun and his gun leaks a ton so he shows me and I notice that a Tippmann A5 expansion chamber was in place of where the reg should be... I try to let the kid down easy trying to tell him he just destroyed his solenoid and I told him that the original front grip had to stay on the gun and it had to get fixed because someone replaced it, he looked at me confused and left the firing range. I saw him later that day walking off the field with a rental and a grin on his face, I'm glad he had an alright day. I would have been pissed if I blew my noid at the beginning of the day.

Used Guns $200 Bracket

05 January 2015 - 04:18 AM

I wanna buy a new (to me) gun and as of now I have the Protege, Proto Matrix 8 and 7, Evil Minion, and maybe an Ego08 in mind. Are there any other guns to look out for as well within or around $200, I'd love to buy a Marq but it's hard to scrape up another hundred for a gun. Really looking for suggestions and tips since the older super guns I'm looking at have been around longer than I've been playing. I prefer a poppet (not an Axe) since I've been shooting spools 80% of the time I've played but I hate the obnoxious loud shot they have, not interested in eteks for that and I've seen a few Egos shoot decently quiet with about an hour of sitting by the chronograph tuning.

Used Guns $200 Bracket

05 January 2015 - 04:18 AM

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