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Need Help!

26 October 2012 - 10:43 PM

Was taking apart my Pure energy 68/45's bonnet and the shims fell out. I have no idea how they go back. Playing tomorrow please help.

Looking for a team :)

03 April 2012 - 12:38 AM


I've recently had to leave my past team (scenario) because i felt i just wasn't getting the right treatment being a woodsball/rec player trying to transition into a sort of hybrid play. At the moment i do not own any speedball gear yet but I'll play whatever though. I'm a big fan of hyperball, just need a podpack and some pants/cleats to get ready for airball but ill still play if i feel comfortable. I just wanted to come on here looking for a team willing to play at various fields and to learn with. I'm all about getting to that next step. The markers i own aren't the greatest but like they say it's all the player and only 10% is the gun :P

My gun collection as of now is a fully working 2k2 timmy i bought for 125 bucks (what a steal), Ion XE (solid for what i got it for *$115*) used to be my go to marker till i picked up the 2k2 and my new KP pump. I plan on playing the start of the season with my pump until i manage to pick up a nice feedneck for my new rope maker timmy.

I've only been playing two years but i have improved leaps and bounds over how i use to play when i played strictly woodsball with a tippmann. If anyone out there would give me a shot to be on a team i would be more than willingly to pull my weight and get the job done i just want to learn, have fun and improve my game. I have a good amount of pics from my past season if anyone is interested in seeing.

Thanks ahead of time :)

Edit - forgot to mention i live in the cincy area and the fields i go to are as follows, Paintball Junkeez, Diehard, Paintball Country, Red Dragon.

2k2 Intimidator *i think*

15 March 2012 - 05:37 AM

Hey guys, had a question about a 2k2 intimidator I'm picking up from my friend. Everythings all fine and dandy, even doing some shooting before i buy and this will be my first older gun I've purchased and I'm very excited to turn this into my project gun. But of course something has to be wrong. The lcd screen has been broken by a stray paintball from when he use to play. I tried to google it but i kept bringing up loose ends. Is there any sites that still sell a replacement lcd screen for it or am i SOL?

:/ really hope not because i would love to get this gun back up and running.

Once i get the chance today ill post some pics up. I'm pretty sure it's a 2k2 but i could be wrong.

Stalingrad 11/12/11-11/13/11

23 November 2011 - 05:45 AM

Hey guys, just finally got rested up from my big weekend with my team Ez Mullisha. We played at white river paintball in Anderson, Indiana, was a great time and had some fun with my new set-up and i don't think I'll ever be able to go back to mechanical markers :)

Hope you enjoy the pictures, sorry for the resolution as these are the free versions :(

Posted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

I'll also post these two videos so you guys can take a look at the action first hand from those two days. I'm in the beginning of the first video and starting at 11:05. On the second video i come in at about 3:00 enjoy :)

Hope you guys enjoyed my weekend of at that awesome scenario, i know i did :) I'll keep looking for more pics of my team.

Skater Grip Tape On Your Tank

16 September 2011 - 12:43 PM

Hey guys i just recently purchased a speedball marker for playing in the woods and maybe transitioning to speedball in the future. But for now i just plan on playing at my woodsball field and i just recently found i either needed a 68/4500 with a tank cover or some skater grip tape. I'm going to take the cheaper option and just buy the tape but what i was wondering is how exactly do i apply it to the back of the tank? I'm just making sure so i get maximum grip so i don't have my tank slipping like it was. Thanks ahead of time.