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south jersey paintball team

08 August 2011 - 01:28 AM

Iím really looking to join a paintball team in New Jersey. I live right outside of AC and I play mostly at this guyís house. He owns a lot of land and has a huge field and a lot of woods we play woods ball and scenario paintball in his woods and we also play speed ball he doesnít have air bunkers but he built wooden bunkers and has other things on the field that would represent a real speed ball field. I have mostly woods ball gear. But even when I use my 98 custom on the speedball field most of the time the rest of my team gets shot out in 15 seconds and it comes down to me on most of the other team and most of the time I win. Itís too easy for me. I am looking into buying speedball gear and I have the money to do so, So that I can start going to my local field. Even though my local field isnít that good. I have a job and I CAN afford paint and field entry every week. I do have a good mask, loader, HPA tank, and pack. All I need to get on a real speed ball field is a new gun and a few little things. If anyone is out there in or around south jersey please respond. i would really like to try out for your team I do train myself for paintball even though I donít look much like a paintballer since I am 16 and only about 5í3 and kind of chubby but I run every day and do my own drills in my back yard. Paintball is my life and what I do now isnít good enough for me. Ėplease respond