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In Topic: MacDev Clone GTi vs. Empire Vanquish vs. Geo 3 vs. Luxe 1.5/2.0!

21 March 2014 - 10:58 PM

After owning a luxe for 2 and half years i can honestly say i love this marker. I have felt no regret for choosing this marker over all the other high end markers. I have had no reliabilty issues and no breaks. I have a buddy with an axe that was shooting paint that was constantly breaking in his axe so he gave it to me and the luxe fired it great. In regards to how the luxe does in cold weather; I took it out once when it was snowing and shot some paint through trying to see if i could get any breaks but the luxe had no issues firing in the freezing cold. Im biased but i think its the most astheticly pleasing marker on the market, especially much more so than a clone, and i thing it has the coolest packaging. Lastly, the maintenence on it is a breeze! There is only 3 parts to the bolt and if your really good you could probably fully clean and relube the bolt in less than 2 minutes. Bottom line is; if you want to turn heads at the field, get the luxe. Hope this helped.