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23 January 2013 - 05:37 PM

Looking to buy a CCI T-Stock, the ones made for the 45 grip that have the telescoping feature.
Would prefer black but feel free to offer if you'd like, I don't really expect to get any offers anyhow.

Paying $35 Shipped

Rechargeable Batteries

15 September 2012 - 11:15 PM

I'm looking to purchase rechargeable 9 volt batteries to save me money in the long run however from the topics I've read I've found info that leaves me with a whole lot of not knowing what to do. Varying opinions on the voltage of batteries, the mAh needed, and such.

Would these be alright? http://www.energizer...e/Pages/9v.aspx

I've read that the mAh should be higher but I'm just looking for personal experience and recommendations.
I will be using these batteries inside an Invert Mini and a Pinokio.

Saving AO.org/AGD

05 September 2012 - 11:14 PM

I don't know if this was already posted, I certainly didn't see it, but AGD/AO.org is on it's last leg and they are trying to start a fundraiser to save the site before it is all lost from a crash on their already dying server. There's a lot of history and good information in these forums and sites and it'd be a shame to see it go to waste. This was already mentioned on MCB and pbnation.

AO.org Forum - http://www.automags....55&page=7&pp=30

Fundraiser Page - http://www.indiegogo.com/SaveAO?c=home

Save this legendary piece of paintball history!!!

Tac-One Mainbody

18 August 2012 - 11:16 PM

Item: Tac-One Mainbody
Condition: 8/10
Known Problems: No real problems, it has nicks on it form years of use.
Asking Price: $100, obo
Shipping Options: USPS
Trades of Interest: ULE Mainbody
Location of Item: Enfield, CT
What is included: Tac-One Mainbody, Magsmith Clamping Feedneck

I want to make sure it is known that only the MAINBODY is being sold. Not the marker itself. If I get around to it after work tomorrow I will take the mainbody off and get pictures of just that, including inside the body. I'm just trying to reimburse some money for a ULE body.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Black Pinokio F/S/T

18 August 2012 - 11:02 PM

Item: Black Pinokio
Condition: Used 8/10
Known Problems: Mechanically none, functions fantastic. Cosmetically there are some scratches and a small amount of paint inside the feedway where the hopper has grooves/pockets cut into it to reduce weight. I can post a picture of it if desired. (Doesn't touch or affect paint at all, it's just very hard to reach and I have cleaned most of it but there are still a few little smudges).
Asking Price: $90 shipped, OBO. (Really looking for trades though)
Shipping Options: USPS
Trades of interest: V-Max + cash, Invert Too + cash. And phantoms for haha's :D
What is Included: Pinokio, normal nose cone and extended nose cone.

Posted Image

Video to show it functions.