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Thread locked again...

01 October 2012 - 04:35 PM

My thread was locked again.
I kept bumping it and didnt bump more often than allowed. I didn't try to make a deal that wasnt allowed...
I am not sure of what I did and would like to know why it was locked, and would like it unlocked please...

Invert Mini

24 June 2012 - 11:44 PM

I feel like the Invert Mini has gotten a bad rep, so I want to clear a few things up...
The Mini is a great shooter for the price. It is a mid end marker, so keep that in mind when you judge it. As the name states, it is a small marker, this is great for smaller adults,kids who are starting out, or anyone that wants a tight,small, and light setup.
I personally LOVE my Mini.
Lets start with the reasons why I like it...

  • $300-$325
  • Light and Small Setup (Great for tight spaces, or CQC. I feel that I have more control because the setup is tighter, and closer to my body.)(The Mini is great for Snake or Dorito players that need to move quickly and often.)
  • Efficient (5-6 pods off a 50/4500)
  • Relatively Smooth and Quiet (You can hear it on the field, and know it is a Mini, but quieter than the rentals, and definitely quieter than the eteks...)
  • Comes with a GREAT parts kit. (More allen keys than you need, lube lasted my 2 years, I still have more, probably for about another year. (Cleaned every weekend))
  • Reliable
  • No Macroline

  • Trigger (The v3 has a relatively stiff trigger, it becomes less walkable over time, took 2 years before I replaced mine. The v2 has a slightly better trigger, but the v1 has an AMAZING trigger IMO.)
  • Board (Not really an issue to me, but people don't like the fact that be board isn't trigger programmable. It is a $26 upgrade to a shockwave board...)
  • Barrel (The barrel is 12", I don't mind that, but most people like it to be a 14" barrel. It is a .690 Bore. The barrel is a 1 Piece.)

All of this being said, I LOVE my Mini, I haven't had any issues that weren't user error or a simple fix...
Let's talk about some issues...

  • The ASA wobbles after about 6-8 months. It needs a small dab of blue loctite to fix this issue, only had it once, never again.
  • Some people have an issue with the Foregrip wobbling. When people remove it, they wear out the threads. After a while you may need to put some blue loctite on it. I haven't had this issue as it is not necessary to remove it when taking the frame off. When I do take it off, I do not remove the screws from the frame, only enough to slide the grip off, as to avoid this issue.
  • My Feedneck turned to the side just slightly after about a year, there are no performance issues from this.

The Mini is a great marker for the price. Let's list a few specs on it.
  • Inline Poppet
  • Weighs Under 2lbs
  • 12" .690 bore barrel
  • The bolt is spring returned
  • No Macroline
  • ASA is a regulator as well
  • Optical Switch Trigger
  • Magnet Returned Trigger
  • Lever Lock Clamping Feedneck
  • Break Beam Eyes

With all of this being said there are many things that can be upgraded on the Mini.
Let me start off by saying that no upgrade is necessary for the Mini. Play with the gun and decide what you want to change about it before doing anything, put at least 4 cases through it...
After that, it is up to you.

Things that can be upgraded...
Feedneck- Stock is good, only available upgrade would be the Nano Feedneck, works great if you want a lower profile and can find one, but not a needed upgrade.

Eyes- Stock eyes work fine, I changed to virtue laser eyes cause my eyes stopped working 100%, so i upgraded.

Bolt- It is not necessary to upgrade the bolt. If you do choose to, I would recommend either the Lurker Eigenbolt or the Boss Bolt v2 with spring kit. Lurker bolt will give a much more noticeable difference. The gun is a lot more gentle on paint, quieter,smoother, and more efficient, allows you to lower dwell and operating pressure.

Barrel- There are many options, the Mini is AC threaded, take your pick, I got a CP 2 piece barrel, it is cheap and works great.

Board- Not necessary to upgrade the board, I didn't, if you want an OLED board, get one, it is preference, if you want a trigger programmable board on the cheap, get the Empire Shockwave board.

Trigger- A Necessary upgrade IMO if you play semi. Violent Series/ Critical trigger would be the best option. If you want a different shape, CP rake trigger is a great option, it is what I got.

Grips- These are for looks, I like the stock grips, this is nothing but a cosmetic change.

ASA- If you want an On/off ASA there are 2 options. an NDZ Threadsaver for your current ASA, or an Empire Relay ASA.

Grip Extender- If you are growing tired or don't like how tight the Mini is in the hands, you can get a Numech grip extender, this upgrade makes the Mini as long as an AXE, it also adds a thumb grove.

The Invert Mini is a great marker for a low price, upgrades are all preference, the marker does not "NEED" any, but some help.

This is my first attempt at a write up, so please tell me what you think!

General Discomfort's Feedback

18 June 2012 - 10:03 PM

If you have made a deal with me, whether I bought or sold something, post here.


Regional Forums

13 June 2012 - 08:30 AM

Where is the Delaware Thread!!!
Delaware may be a small state in the NorthEast but we still ball!!
There are some great fields here, and things going on, we would love to be able to post our info there!
Please make a thread for Delaware!


FX Vs F8

05 June 2012 - 03:13 PM

So which one of these markers will perform better?

Which one is more efficient,quieter,smoother? Which one has a better trigger?
Are there any cross compatible upgrades?

What if the F8 has the Lurker Golden Poppet and Lurker Ram? Then which one is better, which one is more efficient, lurker claims 1875 shots with the poppet.

How is the trigger on the FX? I am unsure of how I feel about the trigger. (Most likely Scythe style)

Thanks in advance