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parents and paintball.

28 February 2012 - 08:46 PM

Hey guys!

Well I havent been on here for a long time, since I took a break from paintball, but now im back. But to start off this rant I want to say that parents and paintball dont mix to great. So my story sarts off about a week ago. I was searching on craiglist, and ebay trying to find a better gun (Geo, Ego, etc.) So I finally found some, some used ego 9s and a geo 2 in poison color. For around $600, so I decided to go talk to my parents about selling some things, like old paintball gear that I dont use, and maybe my invert mini, and maybe some old games. So I talk to her, and she says "Thats perfectly fine with me, but go talk to your father." So when he gets home I talk to him about it. But hes just the opposite. He thinks everygun shoots the same no matter what. And that Im not allowed to sell any gear to buy a better gun. Note: I bought all my gear with my own money, no help from my parents, So I was pretty Pissed after this little talk.
So am I not allowed to sell the things that "I" own and bought. Now I love my parents, but sometimes they can be annoying. I have to say im dissapointed in how my parents still treat me as if im 5. Im going on 15 soon, and I really wish I could have some freedom. I love my parents so much, but sometimes feel as if they absolutely hate paintball, and they dont understand it at all.
So this isnt my longest rant, but its something to get off my chest, so Im glad im back, And hope you guys have a good night!

From, Brandon

invert mini problems

29 December 2011 - 06:48 PM

Hey guys. Well today I went to my local paintball store to see if they could fix my two guns. my dp g4, and my invert mini. They fixed the g4,a dn said there were no problems with the min. So i went home and shot both. The g4 worked but the invert mini still dosnt. The store isnt to blame, its the best store I could find and they do great work. But now my mini dosnt know when the ball is in the chamber. I have the virtue board, so it tells me when the ball is in the chamber. so when I try to fire after 3 shots it just says there is no ball in the chamber when there clearly is. If anyone can help it would be wonderful and much appreciated.


22 December 2011 - 11:19 PM

Sup guys, Well for the past few hours ive been trying to download a game, Maplestory. Well this game requires 2690 MB of space. Well I could barely get that, deleted some other games I play, and started dowloading. So right when it was about to be done downloading, An error message came up. It said that I needed space. WHAT?! I deleted enough space for the game to dowload. So i finally gave uo and deleted the file with maple story and all the other files. So I try re downloading other games. Another message came up saying that I needed more space. WHAT!!!!?????? I deleted maplestory, and it still says I need more space, so I check it out and it only says I have 11 MB left. So I try finding the File about Maplestory again, but it said I deleted. So I have no space on my computer, and its also the family computer.
So Im just pissed right now. And I cant delete anything elso since all the rest are my parents files, and precious family pictures. So if someone can help, it would be very helpful.


well this sucks

29 November 2011 - 08:50 PM

Hey guys, well this plain sucks. Yesterday I was getting dressed for school, and i hit into my moms sink. and a scapel fell onto my foot. stuck right into my foot. I yelled and fell to the floor and pulled it out. Hurt like hell, and even worse got lots of blood on the new carpet. Great, so im not only in pain, my parents are gonna kill me when they see it. Well next, I asked out a girl many times, and I just found out that someone switched her contact to *67, so she didnt get any texts, and now shes going out with some spoiled little rich kid..... yeah it sucks, and now my teacher lost all my work and an important test, so now im failing her class, and now I cant play xbox, and cant play paintball till my grades go up. and I have a free pass for a big scenario game on sunday. Yep this completely sucks, hopefully it gets better. thanks for reading guys!


Allstars paint vs. Redemption paint

24 November 2011 - 03:51 PM

Hey guys, well im going to play sunday. but last night I bought a case of Allstars paint, but I usually buy redemption. What do you guys think is a bette rpaint, and will I have any problems with allstars? Ive heard good things about it but never tried it till now.