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In Topic: Free Flow Lotus Autococker and other guns

06 January 2014 - 12:13 AM

any interest in parting out the karni? id buy the frame, asa, beavertail, and backblock.

In Topic: cocker pneumatics

08 November 2013 - 02:34 PM

don't be afraid of ebay either, ive picked up a full shocktech front block for dirt cheap, Most players don't check often and the ones that do aren't that interested in cockers.

In Topic: Cup less than a week away and I've got a problem...

09 October 2013 - 11:56 PM

talk to the administration, if you tell them "im going to be gone this week for this, see if they would count it excused or unexcused, if its unexcused see if they can help you out at all, your being responsible planning ahead, getting all the work done ahead of time if they can help you with the one teacher,

In Topic: Mike Phillips @ Paintball Explosion in Chicago Oct 13th

27 September 2013 - 09:03 PM

i wish i didn't have a wedding i am in this weekend ....

and no, im not the one getting married, thank god

Sounds like you won't be needed if your not saying I do ;p

In Topic: New gun from Alien paintball: Deception

27 September 2013 - 09:01 PM



Sweep System bolt and valve: Tighter, flatter and longer shot


does anyone realize jack rice is still claiming that shit. what a wack. 

:dodgy: of course he would otherwise he would have to  admit he was full of it, and as we al know admitting you were wrong is a sign of weakness  :dodgy:



Because I don't need the fight about the Sweep I'm thinking I'll include an extra "standard" blot, I'm pretty sure no one - as in "not one" will prefer the standard bolt but maybe that will stop all this nonsense. Only trouble is it's only those that don't own Alien guns that complain about them, I have not had one player that owned the gun that said the Sweep is a bad thing, or they wish it wasn't included. Still I'm thinking that to include both bolts will help because players will try both. As I started out saying, the difference is about an 18 inch circle vs a 24 inch circle - well the Sweep makes it more oval too, but... it is hard to tell 3 inches on each side at 100 feet, but it does carry a bit further too and once a player plays for half a day with a standard bolt will give most players all the confidence they need to "know" that there is a difference, and enough of a difference that they will want to use the Sweep bolt. Maybe that will be enough to end all this, but it has served the bigger companies well to have an obvious advantage negated by false popular belief.


Deleted a lot of Mr. Rice's comment, however i think this is a great point... even though Punkworks data doesn't back it up, I don't know if I would say there was enough testing done, when i saw their video, it has been awhile, I don't remember changing paint much. Which they have stated makes the biggest difference in accuracy over any other aspect in the game, so perhaps one brand of paint, different shell recipe, might have different impacts on the spin. I owned an Invasion, and loved it. I look forward to this. The invasion i had was one of my favorite markers i have ever owned, and I've owned a lot from ions to vanquishes and a lot in between. Something about the way the Invasion shot has just stuck with me, I will definitely be picking up one of these Deceptions up whenever available hopefully either cup or Extravaganza.