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System x Vengeance 2.0 Pump?

13 October 2008 - 04:16 PM

Ok, I have a Vengeance 2.0 Pro Series autococker, and I'm wondering if I can turn it into a pump gun. I think I can, but are there any certain kits that wouldn't work, or what would you all recommend?

System X Vengeance 2.0 Pro Series

13 October 2008 - 02:36 PM

Ok, so my brother has stopped playing paintball, and when he heard I was starting out the sport he's been nice enough to lend me his gear, which includes the System X Vengeance 2.0 Pro Series Marker with the Xonik Frame. I've found the manual to the frame and so I am very comfortable adjusting it and everything, however I still cannot find the manual to the marker itself. I consider myself intelligent and patient, and would like to know the inner workings of the gun so I can maintain and (hopefully not) repair it if necessary. I've seen the one on the manual section here, but I wonder if it is the same as mine (my brother's) because that is for the standard Vengeance marker. Also, are there any informational videos on youtube on how to clean the marker? Any help would be appreciated, as well as thoughts on the marker itself. Oh, and it doesn't have a clamping feedneck on it right now. Where would I go about buying one?

G3 PSP3 Shock stock

08 October 2008 - 11:23 PM

Ok, so I've watched the TechPB video and I understand that the G3 is a great marker, except for the lack of a PSP3 shot stock. Being a stickler for cash, I would rather not have to update a board. I mean, if I'm doing that I might as well buy a 500 dollar marker instead of a 400 dollar one. So, here's the question, will the G3 ever come stock with PSP 3shot sometime soon, or is it a "finished product"? I was hoping that they would release a fix after cup or something. What's the likelihood or something?