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In Topic: Positive news in local paper.

31 July 2013 - 11:25 PM

Hogback Mountain is woodsball / scenario and a beginner recball field. It has a twenty foot rule there, and stricter refs. Pev's has wonderful speedball fields, a couple scenario fields. 

In Topic: Invert mini, is it really that bad?

18 February 2013 - 01:56 AM

I work at a field see tons of guns come through. Some are good some are bad. I see hundreds of mini's over the course of the year. They are great guns but like every other gun only as good as the people using them. They wont fit every one no gun does. That being said on release boards were hit or miss, but empire was quick to replace boards and within weeks of release was replacing all them with new updated boards. The first popits were problematic but again they were quick come out with new version of those and replace them free of charge to. It probably was the most successful launch of a new system and brand I have seen. Now the biggest problem with the gun is the owners, just not taking care of the gun or incorrect operation by owner. Realize for most people this is the first electric gun, or tournament gun they get. It's taking the place of ion, and rail. Some of them don't even know difference between an HPA or Co2 tank. Are they going to tank the gun when it doesn't work the way they imagined it? yep. So is the mini really that bad, nope no rational person can say its a bad gun. Is it the right gun for everyone? Nope, there is no right gun for everyone, and the mini different enough to alienate people. In the end the only way to find out how good or bad a gun is to try it.

Here is a good pro con.

Benefits of a mini:
The best customer service all around.
The resale value of the gun is very good. Around 225 most places.
The gun is simple and easy, no one should complain about the gun being complicated.
Out of the box it is a good tournament gun, you do not need to upgrade boards or anything to play in tournaments.
The gun is light weight but still metal. I like many people would rather have a metal gun any day.
It's small for some people this a good the best of things.
LEDs with a battery life indicator, you have no idea the amount guns without this that cost a great deal more and dead or low batteries are the number 1 gun malfunction for all electric guns.

Draw backs of a mini.
ASA , why is an on off important for quick and easy screwing and unscrewing of tanks. With out it you should fire the gun in a safe spot and unscrew the tank to avoid stripping the thread. The gun can gas up with the tank not fully on giving you a few shots then dropping off.
Ball D tents, they suck I replaced mine about the 6th time playing with the mini (kila products magnetic dtents) . They are weak mine ended up shooting out the barrel of my gun while I was playing. They also wont wear evenly really messing up the trajectory of the ball.
Not a Tinkers dream, a lot people will hate on this gun because at its core it seems to be better to leave parts stock then after market the heck out of it. People love upgrading their guns boards, regs, bolts, the works, and on minis its hit or miss.
It's small, there are a couple reason people will say this a draw back, I am an average sized guy about 6 ft tall have no problems, but i am also skinny. Being american I think there might also be a psychological aspect of playing with a mini that will drive some people to hate its size.
Magnets, do you like them? If it just doesn't feel right you will probably not like the trigger.

In Topic: Hogbacks Vietnam Big Game

02 February 2013 - 11:51 PM

Can you choose a squad or do they make them for you?

you should be able to choose your squad ahead of time. As long as you buy tickets early. Each team should have a squad leader. Not only to give direction but to make it easier for the field to add the rest of your squad as tickets are continue to be sold. Say your name is John Doe. You have bought a ticket and chosen your team and you want your friend to join your squad. They buy tickets weeks later but still are able to join your squad as long as they know your name. For right now this has to be done over the phone. If it works out look for interactive web based data base where you can have more freedom to manage your squad on your own.

In Topic: Dead

25 January 2013 - 03:25 AM

Forums have lost their a lot of their importance. With facebook and twitter people are now bombarded with information coming at them rather than having to seek it out.

In Topic: zombie game hogback

25 January 2013 - 03:22 AM

Just wondering of anyone is going. I'm going out for the first time and wondering if anyone has any previous experiences with this game and what to expect.

Its a little late now but I hoped you had fun had around 387 people there. I should be more active on the forums now and can answer your questions a bit better, about hogback.