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Punisher Paintball

01 May 2013 - 04:35 PM

I ordered a bunch of stuff from them, and I wanted to pass on my less than satisfactory experience. Normally I order from ansgear or buy local, but I needed some odd items that weren't carried either place.

My first problem was there was an item back-ordered but they charged me for it anyway when they shipped the rest of my order. There was no note or anything telling me when, if ever, I could expect to get it. It did get shipped out the next week, but the lack of communication despite my email asking about it was disturbing.

Secondly I ordered http://www.punishers...-asa-black.aspx from them but was instead sent a similar product made by Trinity. I did a quick search of the internet and found a place selling both of them but the Trinity was $5 cheaper. Then I found this thread http://www.pbnation....d.php?t=3780160 which confirmed they were two different products.

I emailed Punisher about these things and never got a response. I finally called today and after claiming the two products were the same thing, they then admitted that New Designz was out of business and they didn't have and couldn't get me the product I paid for. They said I could return the Trinity for a refund, but now I have to take up my time to box it up and of course I have to pay the return postage.

It seems dishonest to me to substitute a cheaper product for the one listed without any notification to the buyer at all, and it's very disturbing when an online retailer won't respond to emails. Punisher won't be getting any more of my business.

Haboobs Paintball Team

19 April 2013 - 10:18 PM

A friend of mine started a paintball team for milsim/woodsball type playing. If you are interested in joining a friendly group of fellow players, check out our websitehttp://westworldwarriors.webs.com/ or search for Haboobs on Facebook. We mostly play at Splatter Ranch in Scottsdale, but we also practice and play at a renegade field northwest of the city.

We are also promoting the Tactical Paintball League http://tacticalpaint...eague.webs.com/ here in Arizona. If you have a team or just some friends and would like to play against the Haboobs in a milsim style game, contact us on the website.

Masks with UV Protection

30 June 2012 - 06:13 PM

It was bright and sunny the last time I played and it got me to thinking about UV protection for my eyes. I wear profilers and from what I can find they don't have any UV protection. The only ones I've found that do are the Dye masks, Proto masks that use the Switch lens, and Profits. Does anyone know of any other masks that have the UV protection?

6-23-12 (Saturday) Halo Series Scenario 1st event

31 May 2012 - 08:28 PM

from the Westworld newsletter

Posted Image
We are proud to announce another summer scenario series. After the success of our Modern Warfare series, we have decided to put Westworld Paintball's special spin on the epic video game Halo. The scenario will be designed around the awesome multiplayer missions including Assault, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Oddball and VIP!

At the conclusion of last years series, we gave away several amazing prize packages. One very lucky winner took nearly $1500.00 in paintball equipment home. This year, even more great gear will be handed out. Join us on June 23rd at Splatter Ranch from 6am-11am to participate in this series and we will let you know how you can start collecting raffle tickets. Who knows? Maybe it will be you this year taking home the first place prize when the series concludes in September.