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PSP's New rule change and the NPPL

01 January 2015 - 09:38 AM

With the new psp rule format for the pro division it is clearly like the old nppl format 


so my question is if part of the reason why the nppl went under was because the players didnt like the format why would the psp revert to that old style of play ?


i mean dont get me wrong i loved the nppl it was my favorite league of all time and for a while it was the predominant league in the sport i wish it hadn't  gone under becasue i do miss it badly from like 03 -08 the golden years of the nppl and in my opinion paintball  


what do you guys think the psp will do different that the nppl didnt in this format of play?

do any of you guys miss the old nppl days ?

and ultimately do you think the nppl will ever make a comeback ?



discuss away !!!! :)