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In Topic: Axe vs. Etha

17 January 2013 - 02:52 PM

Etha vs Crossover vs Axe vs Etek

Hustle Paintball came out with this video a while back. They bring up a lot of good points so I would suggest giving it a watch. Any reason's you're looking at the Etha over the Etek? If you're wanting an enclosed bolt I can understand, but just curious.

In Topic: High capacity Dye Rotor top or stock top?

17 January 2013 - 02:45 PM

My rotor holds 178 or so and i play front/snake so i prefer the stock. If im back, i'd go high cap.

Agreed. There will always be a time a place when an upgrade like this will work better than stock. You just have to play with it enough to judge whether it fits your style. The nice thing about the rotor is that it's extremely easy to swap out parts. I've used the high capacity shell pretty aggressively and the neck doesn't show any signs of snapping. Yes, it will add more weight, but that's to be expected. The only time I've regretted having a larger profile is when popping up over the top of a bunker. You can still snap shoot without a problem, just practice with the addition weight and your muscles will adapt. I personally use it when I play back at speedball and airball fields, as well as during most scenarios. I'll switch it out, though, when I need to get down and dirty in snake or any other instance that requires a lower profile.

If you do decide use it, and find yourself swapping between the two pretty regularly, it may also be in your best interest to purchase an extra rotor color kit. This will prevent you from having to remove the screws/lid every time you want to make the swap. I live in Florida so it also comes in handy when it rains since I'll usually keep a speed feed on one and a lid on the other; takes two seconds to change the shell which is nice when you only have a minute or two between games.


16 January 2013 - 07:46 PM

In one of mikes recent videos either about the drone or clone he praises Macdev's Customer service.

I absolutely love my Clone, but I haven't had the best luck with MacDev's customer service. I placed an order for a Tactical Drone back in July of 2011 and it arrived without the parts kit, manual, lube, and allen wrench kit. Opened a ticket inquiring on the location of my missing pieces and received a response within the week. Thought everything was on track but the items never showed up. Continued communications with them all the the way through January of 2012, opening several tickets and talking to several reps along the way. Finally just gave up.

Never had an issue talking to someone, just nothing ever came from it. I'll always be a huge supporter of their products, but can't help hesitating when ordering from them directly.