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need a new gun need some advice

22 September 2011 - 03:39 AM

i play woodsball mostly and have a bt-tm7 and a new empire trracer pump for that but me and my friend want to start up a small rec speedball team just to play vs some of local people who go out and play and hopefully play in a few tournaments. i've been running a old odyssey rpm for a speedball gun and its been giving me some issues and i've decided to just pick up something new.

ive been looking at the azodin blitz, dp g4, the new 2011 rail, and a mini (still haven't decided if i like how the mini feels to me but would like to hear about it all the same) i have a prophecy hopper and a good tank. so im really just looking for something i could use in speedball to keep up with the others on the field. i know the azodin is not in the same class as the others but if there is really no massive up side to the other guns vs the azodin why not same some money.

i am not interested in the GoG extacy because i also have a good aftermarket 14in autococker barrel and to what i have read the extacy is smart parts threaded.

any advice on these guns on what would be good for my situation being new to the actual organized speedball play and playing vs others with higher end guns vs the semi auto and and cheap electric guns. i just need something to keep up with those players and reliable would be nice as well something sturdy and not always breaking down. so just let me know what you think of these guns and how they perform in none hardcore speedball because i wont be slinging 4 boxes of paint like i got $300 to dump on paint each time i go out to play.

Ty for your time