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G6r eyes broken (2c)

13 January 2014 - 01:26 AM

Is there any way to test whether the eyes are broken, the wire is broken, or the board is broken? All I know is they don't work and I don't currently have access to spares

Which do you like better, PE LV1 or DYE DM12?

24 May 2013 - 01:51 AM

I unfortunately do not have the opportunity to shoot the LV1 to compare but i am trying to decide which is better. I want to start off with a couple comments about each gun.

DM12 - It is almost unanimously agreed that the dm13 is just a dm12 with different milling. There might be little changes here and there but no major changes have been made. Therefore these can be considered the same gun but dm12 has a lower price tag now.
LV1 - I am not interested in any gripes with aesthetics, like the macroline/metal tube protruding from the trigger guard. I want you to look purely at reliability, potential to fail during a match, feel in the hands, and comments of that sort. Since every review i have seen says it doesnt shoot like an ego, I want everyone to consider it a spoolie in every aspect except for the exact mechanics and how it works.

They have the same efficiency and their shot quality is apparently extremely similar. I also want you to disregard any problems that can be cured by someone performing maintenance correctly; i say this because I know there are those that dont understand how to lube their gun properly, crossthread screws, and dont know how to change orings properly. Do not consider price in your decision since the dm12 is the clear winner when it comes to price.

Now with all that aside, which gun would you rather have in your hands on the field? Why?

Additionally, if anyone knows of any problems with the LV1 i would like to hear them. I want to hear them because I already know DM12 problems because it has already been out for over a year and its problems are known. Knowing problems from both guns helps to figure out which one is actually better.

PS Yes i am biased and dislike planet eclipse and favor dye. Everyone is biased, but i am not interested in biases right now.

High capacity Dye Rotor top or stock top?

16 January 2013 - 10:38 PM

For christmas I got a High capacity top shell for my Dye Rotor. This means money is not the point here because i already have it. I have come to understand that the extra weight could be a factor, in addition to the larger profile.

Which top would you choose for college level paintball and why? Does the extra height REALLY make a bigger target or is the difference negligible? Does the extra weight make snap shooting or other parts of playing more difficult?

I would like the extra room but I am not sure if it will affect the way I play, it will probably be the same or close to it but what is your opinion?

Extras: I have a g6r and i typically seem to play the mid position, occasionally front on dorito side, if it matters.