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Getting New Gun Geo 2.1 or BL Victory any type

07 October 2011 - 09:14 PM

Ok Guys like the title said, I want to get a new gun coming back to the game and dont want to be to old kid with a old SFT Shocker and a 06 Ego.
Now i have been going back and forward from friends telling me don't get a NT agean. In one ear i have one friend trying to keep me on the PE side with the new Geo 2.1
( O did i for get to say that i love Spool Guns.) then in the other ear i have someone saying get a Bob Long one of the best dealers on the market so im lost and need help.

First the Bob Long Victory what is the big difference from the Victory, Victory 2011 and ripper besides the cool looks

Next the Geo is it better to just find a Geo+ or is the Geo 2.1 all that in the bag of chips

Last break down the guns on what you know and let me know what would be the better buy

o and last my old guns is it even worth keeping them or selling to help pay for the new toy i do love back ups