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In Topic: New to paintball again

Yesterday, 11:29 PM

Insight is BLs first spool rather interesting design. REALLY SIMPLE REALLY FAST REALLY LUBE HUNGRY. Solid shooter really effecient kinda one of those guns you have to baby to get the most out of it. As for the VIS the vis uses the Victory platform with an Updated poppit engine as well as a spool engine that runs similar to the Insight but with an LPR. Personally I had good luck with my insights and have yet to own a vis. 

In Topic: Need a new gun.

Yesterday, 11:16 PM

Just dont do what I did. All of a sudden decided I needed a change so now I have a BNIB CSL do as BigX says not as he does. Remember that and your wallet with thank you. 

In Topic: Need a new gun.

Yesterday, 04:52 PM

Planet Eclipse has the best triggers in the business. Hands down. 

In Topic: Questions about gear!

24 November 2014 - 10:17 AM

New tanks are in the $140 range.


You can get used ones with 3-4 years left on the original cycle for about $100ish 


I highly reccomend making a PP account and buying used through either here, or nation. 

In Topic: Where Do You Carry Your Condoms?

24 November 2014 - 10:15 AM

Speedball I drop it at the deadbox woodsball it stays in my pocket.