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Anyone here play 40K?

30 August 2014 - 05:59 PM

Just got into it playing IG trying to learn the rules and flesh out an army. 


What are your guys thoughts? Any Advice? 

Kickstarter for PREDATOR 47 and bigx to buy Luxes. :dodgy

19 June 2014 - 12:15 AM

After long debate we have both come to the conclusion that the younger more refined brother to the Smart Parts Shocker is the greatest gun ever made with the new eigenbolt and the OLED

So we are currently accepting donations to our personal buy ourselves luxes fund. Any and all donations can be made to the accredited charity. "We hate ourselves for spending too much money on this stuff so you schmucks should do it for us."


But in all seriousness have you goons seen the Luxe Eigenbolt yet? Seriously if it gives the same results as the original eigen for the shocker did then we are in for a treat. Cant wait to potentially scoop up a luxe and give her a shot. Dont know where I would put it with my RL Shocker NXT and JT Impulse "Things are fricking amazing BTW." 


Luxe is hands down and away the best gun on the market. Pred and I give it out wholehearted thumbs up seal of approval. Go buy one, like now and then donate to your local broke ass college student needs a new toy fund. Ya dig? 

Paintball a how to guide.

16 April 2014 - 07:29 PM

With anything new there are going to be a lot of questions. Everyone remembers what it was like, the first time they went to a field to play or even picked up some markers and ran off into the woods with friends. So many questions ran through your head, a mix of excitement and fear brewed inside you.


I wanted to take a second to share exactly what paintball is to me. Paintball is a hobby of mine, I play and have been playing everything from Rec, Scenario and X-Ball for the last 5-6 Years. I enjoy teching, building and tinkering with markers and I love the time I can spend with good friends outside making good memories. 


There is something about paintball that just helps bring people together. It is one of those rare activities where it is a social event where EVERYONE their can participate and instantly have something in common. It really helps to bring people together. Since I have started playing I have met dozens of people whom I  consider good friends. 


I treat every day that I dig the gear bag out of the basement and drive to a field the same way. I am there to have fun. Paintball is something you do because you want to be there doing it. Something that you look forward to go do. When you show up to play and don't have fun it really defeats the purpose of doing it in the first place. 


I see people posts about people "quitting" you cant just "quit" a hobby, you "quit" something you have an obligation to do. You have no obligation to Paintball nobody is going to make you play. If you are in this boat seriously reevaluate how you view the sport and yourself. This is again a hobby, a social activity something you do just for the hell of it. Paintball is a weekend out with friends not something that should be causing you stress. 


Because of paintball I have some memories that will last me a lifetime. I have met some amazing people and made stronger the friendships I had with others. 


Show up to play just for the sake of having fun, don't worry about being shot, don't worry about what gun your shooting, don't worry about who you are playing against, don't worry about how you look, don't worry about what people think about you. Just worry about you having FUN. 


You are out there for you, you are spending the money you earned on a weekend of fun. Don't let anything take that away from you because it is of you who earned it. 

Evolution of a Marker Connoisseur

09 April 2014 - 09:36 PM

Everyone knows the story. Just a young impressionable lad of 14, he loved playing paintball. Had an old beat up Etek 2, it was such a lovely little gun. it went pow pow pow day in and day out. Never missing a beat for two years he shot that little gun, pow pow pow and it served him faithfully. Then, everything changed when techpb attacked. His first timid steps into the madhouse that was techpb brought about utter devastation. The paintball world was swept into a frenzy with the New Empire Axe. 

"Buy an Axe." They said "It shoots tittiez and lazors!" They said. 


So the lad of 16 sold his trusty etek, saved his pennies and purchased an Axe. 


It was not soon there after the boy began missing his beloved etek so he traded his Axe for a new Etek 3. Soon thereafter a myraid of other guns followed. Egos, SL Egos Timmies, Marqs, Victories, a Luxe, a trio of G6rs one of which "Predator47" is still famous to this day.  Several super highend E-Cockers including the rare and infamous Planet Eclipse Nexus Signature Series, an assortment of Ions, G4s, Protos, Phantoms, an Automag, Then came the moment of enlightenment.

The young boy now in the throughs of manhood at the age of 18 discovered the magical world of the Shocker. Private Labels, custom guns galore he was consumed heart and soul by the evil defunct corporation Smart Parts. Willing to sell a Kidney for an Illusive Waffle or even the love of his life for a legendary G-Max. 


A year after this discovery he then embarked on a journey to combine two of the most infamous and influential designs in history. He began his first custom project. Project SHEGO. 


77 Guns in 3ish years of whoring and it all comes back to where I started.

An Axe. With enough Shocker parts to build 2-3 guns sitting in a draw waiting until I get the time to embark on the marvelous journey of self fulfillment and discovery. 

Dont go down the path I did, find your one true love before you blow money on chasing dreams. 

BST Etiquette "Yeah Im going there."

24 March 2014 - 07:54 PM

Been a while since I posted anything really worth while so I decided to drop some knowledge on ya.


Seems like nobody knows how to BST anymore.


Yea I said it, the children need to get off the interwebz! 





So the brofessor is going to teach the children how to do this right. From a buyer and a sellers perspective. Y'all gotta know how to move the product to get the paper you feel me? Then when time comes to throw your clink at some fresh new duds you know watcha buyin.







If the forum has rules it aint that hard to follow them. Most forums have rules.

The people who run BSTs are not morons (For the most part.) They are here to help you.

Follow the damn rules ya lazy bum.






Ok lets go, you Just got mommy to let you use her credit card to buy a gun. First thing you do is hop on a site and see HOLY BALLS LOOK a G6R for $500 and you comment, I REALLY REALLY WANT THIS BUT I NEED TO ASK MY MOM FIRST. Yes you do it in all caps and you look like a moron. NEVER offer without already having the money ready to buy said marker. This pisses people off who are looking to run a legitimate business deal and move their product.


Ok so say mommy decides to give you X amount of money to spend on a gun.


What to look for when buying used over the internet.




Buying from someone with legitimate feedback to work off of is a great measure of legitimacy, most forums have a way to measure it and the popular theme on facebook bst groups are to have people vouch for someones legitimacy through a "Is this dude legit?" post. 


Pictures and Video


NEVER be afraid to ask for pictures and shooting video. I have been known to full on take money  off my offers without a shooting video.If you cant take the time to go out and prove to me your marker is fully functioning then Im not going to give you anywhere near you full asking price for it. Its simply shoddy salesmanship.


Paypall is your best friend.


You pay for as goods and let paypall work its magic. Never deal with someone who is unwilling to accept a payment as goods. You use paypall and then you buy it a puppy and tell it how wonderful it is. 


What to do when your gun arrives. 


After changing your underwear you take the gun and take pictures immediately  hell whip out your little iphone and do an unboxing video. Be sure to air up the marker and test to ensure it seals and cycles properly. If not immediately contact the seller with the evidence of the issue. If he is at all reputable he will work with you to either fix the problem or refund your money. If not you have the video evidince file a PP dispute and contact the moderating members of the BST.


You follow these simple steps and you should never have a problem. EVER. 




As a seller you have two obligations, make sure your marker will be shipped as described and that it will arrive in the condition it was shipped in. This is taken care of simply by taking good pictures, providing a shooting video, and packing a marker well. Put it in a properly sized box with plenty of packing material. In my experience newspaper and plastic bags work just fine. I also have a policy of photographing shipping labels and shipping receipts with tracking to confirm that my shipments are in the mail and legitimate. It has never failed me. Once again your best bet is to only sell through using Paypall, it is the safest method of payment. 


PS As a seller make it painfully clear to your buyer how the marker will be shipped, if they request any additional shipping options such as next day or insurance then make sure that they know they are responsible for paying for it. 




Going to make this one simple, just dont do it. Trading on the internet is the most unsafe possible endeavor that you can partake in. You are taking a gun that you know works just fine and are trading it for a gun you have never seen before in your entire life? Some rare exceptions can be made for members with impeccable feedback but then again you have no Paypall protection if something goes wrong.



Hope you took something valuable out of this.