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The $500 Setup!

12 December 2014 - 10:46 AM

Ok this is for all the guys who have been around the block once or twice. We always see people posting up questions about how to get into the sport for short money. I have hit my niche with what I like to shoot as have most of you probably. So to you all I pose this question. 


If you had zero gear and had to budget out a setup to use for a psp event for under $500 what would you chose and why? 


Used products are fine if you list them at "realistic prices" and for the sake of convince consider all soft goods, pack, pants, pods, jersey. Are all covered by a "sponsorship program"


Mask: New JT Proflex with the new LE Hard Ears $90 


Gun: Shocker SFT $250 w/eigenbolt and virtue board. Most guns at that price will also include a Qlock and a nice asa or even an upgraded trigger or frame and a freak barrel. 


Tank:: Used 68/4500 $100


Hopper: Used Z2 = $50 


With the Extra $10 I would buy another freak insert or two for my gun.


Z2s are fine hoppers even better for the price they can be had used. Shocker SFTs with the right ups are phenomenal! As for flexes well there is a reason they are the most popular mask ever.... As for the tank. A Tank is a tank is a tank holds air and stuff.... 



2 Markers for the rest of your life!

03 December 2014 - 01:22 AM

If you could only have two different guns for the rest of your life what would they be and why?

Personally it would be a "ccm'ed" eclipse cocker and keep all the eblade parts for it. I will have both a pump and an E cocker and wait for it you guessed it. A fully tricked out Ton Ton NXT shocker. Eigenbolt, Virtue Oled. That's it.

Have a pump I can use all the time and a badass spool valve that will never fall out of style.

Anyone here play 40K?

30 August 2014 - 05:59 PM

Just got into it playing IG trying to learn the rules and flesh out an army. 


What are your guys thoughts? Any Advice? 

Kickstarter for PREDATOR 47 and bigx to buy Luxes. :dodgy

19 June 2014 - 12:15 AM

After long debate we have both come to the conclusion that the younger more refined brother to the Smart Parts Shocker is the greatest gun ever made with the new eigenbolt and the OLED

So we are currently accepting donations to our personal buy ourselves luxes fund. Any and all donations can be made to the accredited charity. "We hate ourselves for spending too much money on this stuff so you schmucks should do it for us."


But in all seriousness have you goons seen the Luxe Eigenbolt yet? Seriously if it gives the same results as the original eigen for the shocker did then we are in for a treat. Cant wait to potentially scoop up a luxe and give her a shot. Dont know where I would put it with my RL Shocker NXT and JT Impulse "Things are fricking amazing BTW." 


Luxe is hands down and away the best gun on the market. Pred and I give it out wholehearted thumbs up seal of approval. Go buy one, like now and then donate to your local broke ass college student needs a new toy fund. Ya dig? 

Paintball a how to guide.

16 April 2014 - 07:29 PM

With anything new there are going to be a lot of questions. Everyone remembers what it was like, the first time they went to a field to play or even picked up some markers and ran off into the woods with friends. So many questions ran through your head, a mix of excitement and fear brewed inside you.


I wanted to take a second to share exactly what paintball is to me. Paintball is a hobby of mine, I play and have been playing everything from Rec, Scenario and X-Ball for the last 5-6 Years. I enjoy teching, building and tinkering with markers and I love the time I can spend with good friends outside making good memories. 


There is something about paintball that just helps bring people together. It is one of those rare activities where it is a social event where EVERYONE their can participate and instantly have something in common. It really helps to bring people together. Since I have started playing I have met dozens of people whom I  consider good friends. 


I treat every day that I dig the gear bag out of the basement and drive to a field the same way. I am there to have fun. Paintball is something you do because you want to be there doing it. Something that you look forward to go do. When you show up to play and don't have fun it really defeats the purpose of doing it in the first place. 


I see people posts about people "quitting" you cant just "quit" a hobby, you "quit" something you have an obligation to do. You have no obligation to Paintball nobody is going to make you play. If you are in this boat seriously reevaluate how you view the sport and yourself. This is again a hobby, a social activity something you do just for the hell of it. Paintball is a weekend out with friends not something that should be causing you stress. 


Because of paintball I have some memories that will last me a lifetime. I have met some amazing people and made stronger the friendships I had with others. 


Show up to play just for the sake of having fun, don't worry about being shot, don't worry about what gun your shooting, don't worry about who you are playing against, don't worry about how you look, don't worry about what people think about you. Just worry about you having FUN. 


You are out there for you, you are spending the money you earned on a weekend of fun. Don't let anything take that away from you because it is of you who earned it.